Best Relationship?

For the Riders we have not graced with our touch...yet
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Best Relationship?

Post by Deka_Hero »

Not necessarily between A Rider and the Main Female, it could be between Supporting Characters also.

In Blade i like Tachibana and his Girlfriend (can't remember her name, the Doctor). They seemed great together........until she was killed in Ep. 14.

I also really liked the Friendship of Takumi and Mari in 555, they had a Push-Pull relationship but would staunchly support the other if they where going through a tough time. But after Ep. 33 When Mari Died, it seemed to change into something deeper, since Takumi would do anything to get her back. They also seemed to grow even closer toward the end of the series, with caused Masato to become even more of an asshole. The ambiguous ending left if Mari and Takumi became an item to the fans.
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Re: Best Relationship?

Post by Kuro »

Just a wild guess here: Could it be you didn't watch Hibiki?
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Re: Best Relationship?

Post by Wolf-man »

There's relationships in Kamen Rider? XD
I really liked Keitarou and Yuka's relationships in Faiz. I liked how Keitarou didn't care that she was an orphenoch and her death was a real tear jerker. They seem to delve a little bit more into the Takumi/Mari relationship in Paradise Lost. Considering it ends with them walking off together hand in hand. It seems to me that it is extremely rare for a rider to get the girl.
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Re: Best Relationship?

Post by StagBeetle »

Shinji (Ryuki) and Miho (Femme) in the Ryuki movie.
They started out on a bad note, but there's definitely chemistry between them. I liked how, in the Director's cut version, you can see their relationship develop more. It just makes me feel even sadder at how it ended.

Why do riders' relationships always end in tragedy? The only happy one was in Kiva, with
Nago & Megumi's wedding. Too bad Wataru & Mio didn't work out. Again it's a tragedy.
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Re: Best Relationship?

Post by CrimsonJoker »

Stronger and Tackle were an item. Well, until what happened close to the end.
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Re: Best Relationship?

Post by reitantei »

I liked Keitarou and Yuka's relationship. It was cute. It was tragic. It should have been forever.

No, wait. Does Yaguruma and Kageyama's relationship count? XD
It's really not romantic, but I'm not a romantic person. I prefer friendship and brotherhood over romance.
Yaguruma and Kageyama will always the ultimate partners for me (no matter how some are two people, one rider). I just love it how they go search the light that exist only for them.
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Re: Best Relationship?

Post by RiderTom »

Nago/Ixa and Megumi aso -Kiva

They had that egotistic orgy the entire show and heck they got married in the end.
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Re: Best Relationship?

Post by LonelySoldier »

I'd like to choose the realtionship between shinji-yui-ren in Ryuki... They were developing a lot through the series
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