Your favorite romance in Sentai

Cause there's like a lot of other Sentai too
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Re: Your favorite romance in Sentai

Post by LonelySoldier »

When it comes to romance, my favourites will be
- Megaranger (highschooler romances FTW!),
- Timeranger (love through time), and
- Gekiranger (it's kinda rare to see a sentai villain romance being this intense)
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Re: Your favorite romance in Sentai

Post by Raitaro »

Gekiranger-Mele and Rio
Shinkenger-Takeru and Genta
Magiranger-Magishine and Magiblue
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Re: Your favorite romance in Sentai

Post by icecreamhendrix »

Don't forget Red Racer and Zonette from Carranger!
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Re: Your favorite romance in Sentai

Post by CrimsonJoker »

Deka_Hero wrote:
StagBeetle wrote:^ That was Jetman not Fiveman. Fiveman were siblings!!!
That would have been more interesting........... :P

I always liked the tease between Shinken Red and Yellow.
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Re: Your favorite romance in Sentai

Post by redwhitesentai »

of course nothing beat Zonette - RedCarranger romance..... (which to be dejavu-ed again by Insaan of Zangyack)
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Re: Your favorite romance in Sentai

Post by HIDragonstar »

I was always a fan of the two in Boukenger, Sasuke and Sakura (although it seems like she's making headway with him). The innocence of Masumi and Natsuki actually liking each other, but kinda too shy to actually say anything. Then again, the old HS romance from Magiranger was nice... oh... and the one sided crush/little sister of Takeru and Kotoha... Especially the one between Kaoru and Kouga. (oops wrong show) okay.. nevermind.. I' like almost all of them... this is what I get for being a romantic at heart....
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Re: Your favorite romance in Sentai

Post by ReversedSentai »

Sen-chan and Umeko in DekaRanger. A shame we never saw anything beyond a hug. Urara and Hikaru also made a good couple in MagiRanger.
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Re: Your favorite romance in Sentai

Post by TheLastTatlFan »

I'm partial to Ban and Yaako, the one-off piglet-looking alien who grew into a teenage girl when Ban convinced her he wouldn't abandon her.
It's sweet, how earnest and at the same time dumb he was, thinking she was an angel when he first saw her adult form and continuing to teasingly call her "piglet."
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