Favorite tokusatsu of the last 10 years

It's more than just Kamen Rider and Sentai
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Favorite tokusatsu of the last 10 years

Post by takenoko »

What are yours?

Edit: I'm too lazy to make a list, but someone did a cool gif slideshow that is where I got an idea for this thread:

https://biomic.tumblr.com/post/18998404 ... tsu-of-the
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Re: Favorite tokusatsu of the last 10 years

Post by xiiliea »

Fourze was the funnest series of all in the last 10 years. Gaim was really good too but was annoying to watch at the start because of the quarrel scenes which I dislike.

Edit: I totally forgot about Sentai and Garo. Makai Senki probably takes the top spot. Zero -Dragon Blood- was awesome too cuz I just love Rei. For Sentai, Gokaiger and Go-Busters were great.
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Re: Favorite tokusatsu of the last 10 years

Post by Catastrophe »

Sentai: Kyoryuger

Rider: Gaim

That period when they both aired at the same time was magical.
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Re: Favorite tokusatsu of the last 10 years

Post by hiro9796 »

For Sentai it would be Lupin VS Pat, Kyouryuger, and ToQger if the latter two can count if I did not watch it within their airing period. I can't really say with Kamen Rider since I was like two years ago started watching but if I had to choose based on airing year, it would be either Fourze or Double.
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Re: Favorite tokusatsu of the last 10 years

Post by Sinkuu »

all I know is I'm looking at those gifs and I wanna find out about the other series. >.>
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Re: Favorite tokusatsu of the last 10 years

Post by CheetahLynx »

For me,
In Sentai: Gokaiger, Go-Busters, Kyouryuuger and ToQger
In Rider: W (If it counts), Fourze and Drive
I was gonna list all the series I've watched but there's a 255 character limit. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Oh well.
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