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Machi Action

Post by FangTrigger »

Everyone remember that knock-off Kamen Rider that threw most of the Toku community in an uproar? Well, it's actually a Comedy-Drama about a toku-actor who loses his role and the life he leads after. It looks quite enjoyable, and also touches on things that most of use don't think about when it comes to tokusatsu.

Machi Action Promo.

At the same time, I guess I can understand why the pretty much photoshopped a suit together. They need a series to go off of, so why not one of the biggest brands known to most Orential countries?
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Re: Machi Action

Post by [kuronogantzryu] »

It doesn't look too bad but I'd only watch it for the "Masked Rider".

Never knew it had that much of an impact though.
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