Project BM Kamen Rider Gaim Kitaaaaa!!!!!!!

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Project BM Kamen Rider Gaim Kitaaaaa!!!!!!!

Post by kyoichikiller90 »

Good news to all 1/6 Figure junkies out there, especially for Hot toys and Medicom collectors. This year we will get PBM Kamen Rider Gaim


The release date is TBA soon. If you are really hardcore Fans of Kamen Riders you should get this one, as he was the most Solidest figure for Gaim. I'm still waiting for my SHF Gaim now... Can't wait for PBM... It's too shame there are no other releases after Kamen Rider Wizard Flame Style....
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Re: Project BM Kamen Rider Gaim Kitaaaaa!!!!!!!

Post by Catastrophe »

Not a big fan of the project BM line in general personally. Overpriced and delicate. Each to their own I guess though.
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