The Ousama Game of Sougo Tokiwa

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The Ousama Game of Sougo Tokiwa

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It's the sequel to "The Melancholy of Sougo Tokiwa"! It's been a month since the end of that story. The Osaka lead turned out to be a lie, and now the SOS brigade are going to unusual lengths to try to find the real demon king of the future. It's "The Ousama Game of Sougo Tokiwa" part 1 - A Mysterious Island.


The Ousama Game of Sougo Tokiwa - Part 1 - A Mysterious Island.

Sougo Tokiwa looks out the window in awe. "Wow, this is the first time I have ever been on a ferry!"

Geiz Myoukouin rolls his eyes. "Well, be thankful that the ferry costs and the house rental were steeply discounted since it's winter and off season."

"I am thankful for you for setting this up."

Geiz points to another passenger of the ferry. "I didn't have a choice. Don't forget that Woz-sensei can have me kicked out of school."

Tsukasa Kadoya, who sits behind Woz-sensei taps Woz on the shoulder. "Still bullying the students?"

"I must do as my book commands."

"I will let it go for now."

Sougo looks pensive. "Geiz, why did Woz ask you to set this up?"

Geiz smiles. "Well, Woz wanted to celebrate his book working properly again. Also, Schwartz-sensei," Geiz points to Schwartz-sensei who sits behind Tsukasa and next to Ora, "is quite wealthy, so I didn't have to pay for any of this out of my own pockets."

Tsukuyomi, who sits towards the front of the ferry, calls out. "I can see the island!"

Sou Yaguruma slumps into seat and pouts. "What does it matter?"

Heure, who sits next to Sou, nudges him. "Hey, cheer up." Heure whispers in his ear. "There's something we will do on the island that you are going to like. But don't tell anyone, it's a secret."

Sou rolls his eyes. "Whatever."

"Hey, Sou, why didn't your friend, Shun Kageyama come along?"

"He mentioned something about an outstanding kidnapping warrant, but I didn't quite understand what he was saying."


After disembarking on the tiny island the group admires the only structure on the island, a three story white house, full of balconies, each with a majestic view of he sea.

Woz gestures dramatically. "Rejoice! For we have arrived at the place where we will have a serious test for our dear Demon King. And, to tell everyone about it, here is Geiz." Woz put's his arm around Geiz's shoulder.

Geiz smiles uncomfortably. "Fellow SOS brigade members and friends of the club, we have come here for two reasons. First to celebrate the club reforming after a month hiatus, but also to solve a serious mystery. A month ago, Woz-sensei's magic book started acting odd and Schwartz-sensei's Another Manga System stopped working. I don't think these two events were unrelated. I feel that these two events happened because the consciousness of the demon king of the future has started to awaken and wanted to throw the SOS brigade off the correct path, even going so far has having most of you move to Osaka. But today, myself, with the help of the computer hackers club, have created a test so that we can find the REAL demon king of the future, a demon king who I believe is among us now."

The others gasp.

"If the demon king of the future's consciousness has awakened, it must be in someone in the club or close to the club, or else how would they known what to do? However, it is known through multiple sources that the real demon king of the future was known to be someone who had never lost a particular game, a game we will play today, the ousama game!"

Sou suddenly smiles.

Seeing this Tsukuyomi gets nervous. "Wait, an ousama game where the losers get killed?"

Geiz smirks. "That would certainly stop the demon king of the future, right?"


Geiz laughs. "No, if you lose, you have to face an Another Manga challenge, and then go to the losers room to watch the rest of the game on monitors."

The rest look relieved except for Sou who looks bored.

"Yesterday, Schwartz-sensei had workers come over to the island to set up the house. All of the dangers and traps are in place, and not even I or Schwartz-sensei know where they are. All will have an even chance. And, the winner will definitely be the demon king of the future."

Woz-sensei looks through his book. "Wait, the book doesn't say anything about there being a new future king."

Geiz gives Woz-sensei a pitying look. "Woz-sensei, your book has been hacked. If your goal is to serve the demon king, that's great, but if the demon king is not Sougo-kun and doesn't want you to know, then that book is not going to tell you."


Souji Tendo scoffs. "So, this is what you dragged me here for?"

Geiz gives Souji a serious look. "Souji-kun, if you do walk the path of heaven and fulfill your destiny to be ruler over all, isn't it a good idea to find out ahead of time if you will be a demon king? After all, if that thought does not agree with you then you could change your path or take steps to make sure you don't wind up that way."

"Your arguments do not move me in any way. However, since I am here I will participate in your game."

Geiz smiles. "That's all I needed to hear. Now the first round of the Ousama game will begin soon. We should assemble in the dining room in the house.


The interior of the house was clearly done in an European style even though the house sits on a tiny island right off the Japanese coast.

Geiz leads everyone into the spacious dining room. "Now we will receive the instructions for the game by a video which I have already recorded. Even though I will be playing, my knowing the challenges ahead of time will not give me any advantage. So, let us begin."

Geiz, wearing different clothes, appears on the screen. "Welcome to the ousama game. We have nine rounds set up. If you lose, you face an Another Manga. If you win, your chance of being demon king of the world stays alive. So, without further ado, let's get started. In the first round, you will find a chair in the house and bring it to the dining room. The chairs in the dining room do not count. Let's begin!" The screen changes to a timer which counts down from ten minutes.

Everyone runs through the house, determined not to be the one who doesn't find a chair. Many dash through balconies to reach different sections of the house without even bothering to admire the view in their haste. Sou grudgingly finds a chair even though he moves without urgency. Both Tsukuyomi and Geiz trip Sougo who doesn't take a hard fall since they catch him and only had tripped him to tease him, not to hurt him.

Every one makes it back to the dining room with a chair, or at least something to sit on.

The counter ticks down to zero and Geiz reappears. "Everyone, did you find the chairs? I would hope so since there were a ten of them. However, in the upper left hand drawer there is a scanner. Geiz will use this to find the losing chair."

Geiz gets out the scanner from the table the monitor sits on and moves from chair to chair until he reaches Sou's chair. "Sorry, Sou. You found the unlucky chair."

"Hey, like I am going to be a demon king."

"So, step out to the front porch, and we will watch your encounter with an Another Manga."

"Sure, sure." Sou says this with a weary voice, hoping to get this over with.

The rest watch Sou on the monitor.

The scene changes and Sou is in a dimly lit bar with Shun Kageyama.

A man with with white hair and a mechanical eye greats them. The number "2012" is on his mechanical eye. "Welcome to Quindecim. I am Decim. Would you like a drink?"

Shun looks eager, but Sou shuts him down. "Good sir, we are in high school. Fruit juice is fine."

Decim nods and points to a dark haired goth looking girl.

"What's your poison? We got lots of different fruit juices, 'cause some people like exotic drinks."

Sou and Shun explain their fruit juice preferences to the girl and then return to Decim.

"The two of you will play billiards. Please play as if your life depended on it."

Sou and Shun go over to the table. Shun starts and makes a poor shot.

Although Shun is a worse player, Sou deliberately sets up Shun with easy shots so that Shun will win.

Decim looks at Sou carefully. "Sou Yaguruma, you deliberately lost. Any reason?"

"Yes. I know that this is Death Billiards, and the loser of the match is sent to the lowest level of heck. Since that is my goal I deliberately lost they game."

Decim nods. "Amazing." Decim's eye changes to an "O" and the scene fades away.

Sou walks back into the house.

Geiz smiles and pulls a toy plushy eight ball from the top right drawer and throws it to Sou. "Congratulations! You win the promotional tie in toy."

Sougo starts pouting. "Wait. If I win the game then I will be the only one who doesn't win a toy."

Sou throws the eight ball to Sougo. "What does it matter?"

Sougo throws it back. "No, Sou. You won it fair and square."

Geiz grins and looks at Woz who has a mortified look on his face. "Woz, should we rejoice that Sougo has taken a step away from being demon king by recognizing that playing by the rules is important?"

Woz sticks out his tongue and pulls his lower eyelid down. "Beda!"

Geiz is unfazed. "Everyone, there is an hour before the next round. Would the cooking club like to fix up some snacks in the kitchen?"

Souji and Sou look at each other and nod. "Sure."

Suddenly, Tsukuyomi grabs Heure by the shoulder. "Wait a minute. Death Billiards and the follow up anime Death Parade did not have a manga. Shouldn't that monster be called an Another Anime?

Schwartz wags his finger at Tsukuyomi. "Do worry about small things."


Everyone sits around the dining room table enjoying mapo tofu.

Tsukuyomi generously adds a separate sauce to her bowl to increase the spiciness. "This is the best!"

Geiz nods, happy that the super nova heat of Sou's previous mapo tofu, his "thesis of perfect spiciness", was optional this time. "Sou, Souji, you two did a wonderful job."

Souji blushes a little. "The kitchen was amazingly stocked. I don't know how he could have screwed things up."

Schwartz smirks. "I knew you two were coming so I wanted you two to have a good experience."


The video monitor starts a five minute countdown, so everyone finishes up.

At the end of the countdown Geiz reappears. "I hope everyone is having a good time!" It is time for the next round. In this round two people will be eliminated. The rules are as follows. You must find a pencil that is not in the dining room and return it to the dining room. There are only seven this time. Also, it must be a complete pencil, with an erasure end and a tip, so no cheating by breaking a pencil in two. Ready, everyone? Let's start!" A ten minute timer appears and starts to count down.

Both Sougo and Geiz race for the stairs. Sougo nudges Geiz. "You had way too much fun recording that video, didn't you."

"I just wanted to do a good job."

Heure finds a pencil first but is bullied by Ora into giving it to her. There is much shoving and tripping this time around as people's anxiety increases.

Finally the timer clicks down to zero.

Geiz holds up a pencil. "Okay, who are the unlucky two?"

Heure and Schwartz hold up their hands.

"Okay, Heure you go first. Will you be okay? I don't think you have fought Another Manga before."

"It's okay. I am the beta-tester. It will be fine."

Heure steps out onto the front porch as the rest watch him on the monitor. The porch fades from view.

Heure, now wearing a school uniform is walking down the school hall.


Heure turns to see Ora, who has an uncharacteristically cute expression, running toward him."Yes, Ora-senpai?"

"Please accept this." Ora gives him a confession letter.

Heure has a big smile. "Oh my goodness!"

Before Heure can open the letter the porch reappears showing that Ora has gone out on the porch and is abusing Heure and yelling "Baka!".

Ora drags Heure back into the house by his ear.

Geiz can barely contain his laughter. "Heure, I don't know if you won or not, but that deserves a promotional tie in toy in either case." Geiz throws Heure a valentine plushy.

Tsukuyomi grabs Heure by the other ear. "What did that have to do with manga or anime?"

Schwarz puts his hand of Tsukuyomi's shoulder. "Don't worry about small things."

Tsukuyomi lets go and pouts.

Geiz points to Schwartz. "You're next. Did you program something weird for yourself like Heure did?"

"I didn't do any of the programming."

Schwarz walks out on the porch and the porch fades from view.

Schwarz sits in a rowdy class of delinquents wearing a high school uniform.

A female teacher stands in front of the room. "Schwartz-kun? You were caught fighting again?"

"Yes, sensei."

"Let's have a talk in the hall."

The other students look at Schwartz in terror, imagining the trouble that Schwartz is going to be in for.

Schwartz follows the teacher out to the hallway. The teacher has the number "2000" on her forehead.

"What happened?"

Schwartz smiles. "Some punk was trying to muscle in on my territory so I had to make sure that he stopped."

"Did you succeed?"

"It was a tough fight, but I succeeded."

"I am proud of you. You are truly living youth."

The teacher face becomes an "O" and the porch reappears. Schwartz re-enters the house.

Geiz chuckles. "Schwartz-sensei, was that some teacher at our school?"

Schwartz gives Geiz a dirty look. "That was Kumiko "Yankumi" Yamaguchi from Gokusen."

"I knew that." Geiz throws Schwartz-sensei a plushy sword. "Well, there's an hour before round three so let's all enjoy the house and island!"

To Be Continued!
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