Red and Blue's Manly Adventure! [NSFW]

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Red and Blue's Manly Adventure! [NSFW]

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What if Lunagel directed a Tokusatsu/porno movie? What if a porn company that specialized in yaoi were the producers?

In the first five episodes of Bakasabers (released on Youtube) we met the five Bakasabers: the tall, dashing Red, the rebel bad boy Blue, the youthful looking Yellow, the reluctant damaged Green, and the token female fujoshi Pink. The Bakasabers fight the Bottom Army, who want to conquer the world.

The Bakasabers episode 6 (DVD only):

Blue and Red run along a park trail in short shorts and cut off t-shirts, their sweat glistening in the morning sun. They pass a girl on the trail who is so transfixed by their appearance that she trips on a sign. However, Blue and Red are oblivious to this as they run stride for stride trying to outdo each other.

They pull off the trail to a parking lot and stop running. They both breath hard.

Blue looks disappointed. “You got lucky today. I should have beat you for sure.”

“Shouldn’t you be happy that we finished at the same time?”

“No, I have to prove that I am better than you.”

Red grabs Blue’s chin. “Even if you were faster than me, I would still be leader of the Bakasabers.”

“Just because the commander gave you red?”

Red lets go. “Who knows?”

Out of nowhere, Alien combatants surround them.

Red smiles. “Ukeoids. Looks like we will have an even better workout this morning.”

Blue nods. “Let’s kick some booty!”

Blue and Red, without transforming, skillfully beat back the Ukeoids with martial arts. But soon more arrive.

Red surveys the scene. “There are too many. We will have to transform.”


Blue and Red tap the transformation devices on their wrists.

The girl from earlier catches up to Red and Blue and witnesses the transformation, which comprises tons of sparkles that encircle the bodies and remove all their clothes going down and then equip them with their power suits going back up. The girl spurts blood from her nose and faints with a smile on her face.

“Baka Red!”

“Baka Blue!”

“We are the Bakasabers!”

The Ukeoids, who don’t understand human speech, stand around wondering what is going on.

“Baka Red Tornado Punch!”

“Baka Blue Typhoon Kick!”

With a flurry of named attacks, the Bakasabers dispatch the Ukeoids, causing them to explode in a cheap special effect.

A larger and thicker combatant sneaks out from behind a tree. He carries a large phallic shaped staff and stamps it on the ground. Spurts of dark energy special effects come from the staff and splash onto the Bakasabers. They collapse and lose their transformation.

The Bakasabers wake up inside of a cage in a building that looks like an abandoned factory.

The thicker combatant, a Bottom Army General, laughs. “You pitiful fools. Hear my words and despair! You transformation bracelets are over there by that time bomb. In thirty minutes, the bomb will explode, destroying the building and killing you. And there’s nothing you can do about it! HA HA HA HA HA!” The General activates the bomb, which has a large display that starts digitally counting down. The General leaves.

Blue looks panicked. “What can we do? We can’t transform or call for help without those bracelets.”

Red looks thoughtful. “There is one thing we can try. If one of us can extract Bakasaber energy from the other using their Bakasaber energy collection device, then they would have enough energy to transform briefly and break through the bars.”

Blue nods. “Good plan. But who should have their Bakasaber energy taken?”

“Since I am taller, I should take your energy.”

Blue first looks dismayed, but then smiles. “I agree. Deep down I know that you have more power than me, so you’ll have a better chance of breaking the cage.”

Red looks at the counting down display. “We had better get started.”

Blue gets on his knees in front of Red and pulls Red’s shorts down. “I had better get your energy collection device ready.” Blue uses his mouth and tongue to bring Red’s Bakasaber energy collection device up to its full length.

“Are you sure that you want it to be that big? Won’t it be painful for your Bakasaber energy projection device?”

“If it is you, then it is okay.”

Red inserts his Bakasaber energy collection device device and starts forcefully pushing it in and partially out.

After ten minutes, Red starts getting worried. “I can’t seem to extract any energy.”

“Let’s try another position.” Blue lies on his side and holds one leg up in the air.

Red lays behind him and slides it in. “I hope this isn’t too painful.”

“You should make it hurt more.”


Bakasaber Pink hears her bracelet beeping. She puts down her drink at a bishounen cafe and takes to the bracelet. “Yes, commander?”

“Blue and Red are in trouble. I will send you the address. You must hurry and save them.”

“Roger!” Pink puts down money for the drink and a tip, winks at the ikemen server and runs off.


Red continues to screw Blue rudely for another fifteen minutes in a variety of positions. Blue holds on the bars of the cages to give Red more stability and leverage.

Pink rushes in and then stops dead in her tracks. “Am I interrupting something?”

Blue looks horrified. “Run! There is a bomb about to go off!”

“I can step back so I don’t get any cum on me.”

“Not that bomb, that bomb over there.”

The timer on the bomb is down to three minutes.

“Why are you guys butt fucking?”

“To exchange Bakasaber energy so Red and temporarily transform and break us out.”

Pink tries the door to the cage which Blue has been holding onto. “Blue, didn’t you notice the door was not locked?”

“I guess, but in the middle of an energy transformation, you don’t think of things like that.”

“Or, ‘he was fucking me so hard I forget we needed to escape’?”

“Well, yes.”

Pink grabs their bracelets. “You better disengage and run out of here. The bomb will blow up in ninety seconds.”

Blue cries. “We were so close!”


The Bottom Army General looks through binoculars and sees the factory blow up. “So much for Blue and Red.”

The Bakasabers emerge from behind trees. “Not so fast!”

The Bakasabers transform and do a roll call. They pummel the General with their regular attacks, then bring out a bazooka like weapon.

“Baka Money Shot!”

The weapon splashes spurts of white energy on the General until the energy covers the General.

The Bakasabers dramatically turn away and the General blows up in a cheap special effect.


Pink, Blue and Red walk home.

“Guys, I am sorry I barged in. Maybe there is something to your idea. If you like, you could repeat that experiment and I could document the results.”

Red and Blue smile. “Sure!”

Good end.
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