MASKED HERO Hydra Live Action University Project

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MASKED HERO Hydra Live Action University Project

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MACFP505 Final MA Project:
A student decides to search for a masked hero after seeing a mysterious blog video on: .

The video explores the following ideas.

01: To promote the University of Plymouth. Cool filming kit is shown to the audience!

02: To promote the City of Plymouth. People are interviewed in the street about what they like most about the city.

03: To mix reality with fiction. Documentary at the start blends into the super hero part later.

04: To mix Western and Eastern Conventions together. Shaky cam genres mixed with masked heroes from Japan plus screen layouts much like Hong Kong TV.

05: To use experimental film-making to tell a conventional story. The story is simple but all these ideas are mixed under the surface in many layers. Pay attention to the designs of the monsters and the main character, notice what the people interviewed say on their second question.

06: To create a multimedia experience. , expands on the world.

07: To set the beginning of a larger world.
This video acts as a pilot short.
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