A start to a possible Double fanfiction.

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A start to a possible Double fanfiction.

Post by Leonite Rider »

Ok, what is below is my prototype for a potential story. Details on what the story would consist of after this is below the story itself, but I am interested to see what you guys think.

Story is in a spoiler tag to save space.

It was rare for Shoutarou to have a normal day. Of course that came with being a detective and a Kamen Rider who has to share a body with an obsessive compulsive man who can learn about almost anything in the world when transformed. Idly he wondered if any other rider shared this problem, but then refocused on the problem at hand, being that of a Dopant using a Time memory. So far the Dopant had manipulated the time in the battle to make the half and half Kamen Rider hit himself several hundred times, and wasn’t stopping.

“You know” Shoutarou said as he felt his half, coloured the black of the Joker memory, of W being hit again “you think he would’ve stopped this by now”

“Agreed” Phillip said, his half coloured the green of the Cyclone memory, the red lens that would count as his half's eye lighting up momentarily “at first it was mildly amusing, but now he just seems to have nothing else to do but make us hit ourselves over and over”

Of course the half and half rider wasn’t the only one being messed around with. Terui Ryu, the red coloured Kamen Rider Accel, had been acting like a traffic light that couldn’t make up its mind, having been forced to constantly transform and then reverse transformation from his basic red form to the blue Trial form, with a yellow coloured form in between. “Hidari, if you have a plan then use it” Accel said, transforming once more. Before Shoutarou could saying anything, a stray bird shaped object attacked the Time Dopant, who looked like a monstrous grandfather clock. Said object then let out a shrill cry.

“Xtreme!” Shoutarou said “Perfect timing.” The Xtreme memory let out another cry, flying over to Phillip’s unconscious body, his spirit currently residing in Double. With the Cyclone and Joker memories giving off a bright green and purple light respectively, Double adjusted his double driver into an upright position, grabing the Xtreme memory as it passed him. Accel, having also managed to have broken out of the loop, removed the red Accel memory and pulled out the blue Trial memory, converting it into its transformation mode and pressing its main button.


As Accel placed the Trial memory in the Accel driver, Double placed the Xtreme memory into both of their Double driver slots, then pulled the driver into its active mode, activating the transformation.



Inside the transforming suit, Shoutarou smirked, it was rare to find a Dopant that could challenge one of the powered up riders, let alone two of them. Soon after this thought both Double and Accel had entered Cyclone-Joker Xtreme and Accel Trial modes respectively.

“Hidari, let’s not give the Dopant any time to recover” Accel Trial said, quickly pulling out his memory and pressing a button on it’s top, where a speedometer-like object resided, starting it’s count.

“Right, let’s go Phillip” Shoutarou said, the two in one rider's left eye lighting up briefly before moving their hands to either side of the Xtreme memory, the expanded silver strip in the center of the powered up rider glowing a rainbow of colours. With a quick sound of agreement from Phillip, the rider pulled the memory out into its active mode again.


As the two in one rider stood in place, the memory summoning a tornado for the duo to use their finisher with, Accel ran over to the Time Dopant, who had been apparently standing in shock as the two had transformed. Before the transformed person could so much as protest, the blue super-speed rider had started kicking the Dopant, each kick eventually cause a large amount of blue energy shaped like a T to appear on the Dopant. After a few seconds had passed, Accel ducked down as he turned, allowing Double to collide feet first with the Dopant,while shouting “Double Extreme!” in the process, using the Dopant’s body to springboard off of it into a standing position next to Accel, who proceeded to press the button on the speedometer part of the Trial memory again.


“9.7 seconds, that is your time to despair” Accel said, his orange visor lighting up in the process. However instead of hearing the familiar explosion that followed a memory break, both riders heard a dark chuckle, looking around in the process. The time Dopant was on the ground, energy sparking and leaking in the form of lightning bolts all over its body. The Dopant was supporting itself with one hand, and had another on the clock hands on its clock-like face.

“Actually, rider, it appears that my time… is at the beginning” a dark voice echoed out of the Dopant’s body as it quickly pushed one of its clock hands backwards, which started to spin at a rapid pace. Acting more on instinct than anything else, Double quickly leapt onto the Dopant, Accel barely grabbing hold as all three of the super powered beings started to fade into the time stream, when suddenly the amount of energy was too much for the Dopant’s body, the memory finally breaking and the resulting explosion of energy causing both riders to black out.

Ok, esentialy the story proper would revolve around the fact that, as a result of the above, Shoutaro, Phillip and occasionally others, usually Terui, will be stuck in a time loop, a temporary solution while forces beyond their knowing try to fix the damage to the timestream. As a result, the two and others on loops where others remember try to change the time stream for the better, ocasionally spending a time loop or two messing around (if you lived for several centuries worth of nearly identical timestreams, you would too).

Potential changes that I can think of right now are (Spoilers ahead for Double and Begins Night):

Keeping the boss alive during Begins Night, recovering his Lost Driver and Skull memory and giving it to Akiko, trying to save Kirihiko, getting the upgrades early and thus taking out threats earlier, such as Fang-Joker vs Clay Doll, Xtreme vs Arms, Trial vs Isaka the first time, and using their knowledge of the future to interfere with certain events.

There would be several small looks at each loop's events, up to around 3000 words for bigger ones and within the hundreds for smaller ones. This was inspired by a series of time loop stories on Fanfiction.net by Innortal, who does the same thing but has done some for, so far: Ranma, Naruto, Harry Potter, Evangelion and Bleach. I plan to use a few of the elements that he's used as well, after getting permission to use the idea, and make a few other time loop stories. Double would be the first, followed by either my own Naruto one, or a Decade/Kabuto mix.

However, at the moment, this is only a prototype and a potential idea, as I have been tossing around a few ideas at the moment. What do you guys think?
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Re: A start to a possible Double fanfiction.

Post by Darkster »

I wouldn't go too much with the whole time changing thing, but keep the writing style. It's dead-on hardboiled.
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