Turnabout Climax "Trailer"

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Turnabout Climax "Trailer"

Post by Leonite Rider » Fri Aug 20, 2010 2:40 am

Hi all, what follows is a concept I've been developing for a while, but am only just putting words down for it. Put your thoughts of the idea below.

Many lawyers like to have normal cases, ones where they don't get into a tangled mess involving decade old cases, family grudges or conspiracy.

Two figures, one with horns, are facing each other on a dark winter night. Both are standing still.

This is not a story, involving one of those lawyers

A slash is heard, cutting through the still night air, cop cars arrive at the area, illuminating a stabbed corpse and... Momotaros?

Phoenix Wright

"How come I get all the strange cases?"

Maya Fey

"C'mon Nick, we haven't got any time to waste!"

A grusome murder

The scene shows that of a body, still in the same position, some policemen trying to pull out the curved red sword impaled on it.

A strange client

"C'mon, you have to believe me!" M-Ryuotaro says, the red lock of hair drooping slightly "I think Ryoutarou is the only other person who does"

Can they find the truth behind this case... before a guardian of time itself is locked away?

Scenes start shifting rapidly.

Ryoutarou looks around nervously on the stand "Momotaros isn't like that, he wouldn't kill someone." he says.

"I have evidence to disprove your claim" Phoenix shouts "and here it is, Take That!"

R-Ryoutarou is shown spinning around, then falling over in shock.

And when the time calls for it...

Momotaros sweats, feeling the eyes of the entire court apon him.

Will Wright be able to solve this case at its climax?


Phoenix Wright: Turnabout Climax. To be written... soon
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