Power Rangers: Shining Armour

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Power Rangers: Shining Armour

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Ok, so here's that fanfic I mentioned before, I've been thinking about it, and I have put a few more ideas to put on the table with it. It's still kind of rough, but I'll be editing this as I write more, be my guest and make any suggest and critique, I want this to sound good. Anyway I hope you guys enjoy this.

Power Rangers: Shining Armour

Chapter One.

Across the steel horizon, on the top of the urban jungle, Michael and his childhood friend, Shiri, as they both free running the roofs of tall buildings. Michael grasping a package in his arms as Shiri leads the way looking for the quickest, but safest route to take, clearly this package is important and needed to get somewhere quick. The duo keeps the pace going as the low sun shines in their face, and as much as it blinds them, they do their best to keep their mind on getting to their rendezvous point. But before they even get there, they're interrupted when they jump onto a roof that's occupied by a group of hoodies, their hoods are deep and big to the point that their face can't be seen very well, and look like faceless druids from stories of old.

“Oi!” screams one of the hoodies, “Whad'ya think you're doing runnin' on the roofs!”.

Michael looks at the hoodies, looks at Shiri and looks back at the hoodies.

“Oi!” shouts a different hoodie, “We're talking to yah! You can't 'ear us or what!?”.

Shiri starts to step back a little, looking around to find a way to run away from the situation, but it appears there's no where to run, Michael relying on Shiri's instincts, realises that there's no where to go, and turning back would mean trying to scale the building they jumped off from.

“Hey” said Shiri, “We just want to get past, we're doing something important”.

One of the hoodies raises his arm and points towards Michael.

“What's in the box!?” he yells “Give it to me!”

Michael looks down at his package, knowing that what ever is in this box is important, and since it's a courier job,he knew that he couldn't just give it to a random stranger.

“Err... no” Michael replies “This needs to get somewhere quick, and you're in the way.

The hoodie begins to walk over to Michael. As this all happens, a helicopter is getting ready as a group of guards surround a young woman occupied by a group of marksmen. As they step into the helicopter the young woman looks over at the pilot and asks him, “What's their updated location?”.

The pilot turns back towards the woman and replies, “They're a mile north on top of the Spencer Briggs Ltd building”.

“What's holding them up!?” The woman shouts, “All this to get to them! Were made arrangements for them to come here!”

“Intelligence tells us that 'they' are there and have intercepted the rendezvous” the pilot explains, “That's why the boss has requested you to be armed”.

The second pilot pulls out a brief case, opens it, and there's a sword inside, giving it to the woman.

“They? They...” says the woman, confused with the situation “WHAT! THEY! They have appeared!”

“We believe so” the second pilot answers “and if they get hold of the box there's going to be one hell of a problem in our hands, well, not our hands, but for everyone in this country...”

The young woman grasps hold of the sword and sits tight as the helicopter takes flight and flies over to the scene. In a matter of a few short seconds the helicopter gets to the top of the Spencer Briggs building, as the two pilots, and marksmen and the woman look out to see something interesting.

“They can't be...” mutters the woman as she sees a spectacle going on.

“They're defending themselves...” says the leading pilot “Keep your guns down boys we don't what these guys getting hurt”.

Looking down, they see a duo, one wearing a green coat, the other wearing a yellow coat, fighting a group of hoodies with a mix of different martial arts, as they throw the package back and forth at each other, and going it without dropping it or getting caught by the hoodies. The woman seems to be impressed with them and gives a smile before she wraps a red veil around her head, making it hard to see the details on her face, and grips the sword tightly.

“Ah oh!” shouts one of the pilots, “They've seen them”

Down on the roof Michael freaks out as he sees the identity of one of the hoodies, his face was green, had scales all over his face, had yellow eyes, and long sharp teeth. Michael began to scream whilst Shiri stood, shaking her knees and being helpless as the other hoodies pull of their hoods and reveal themselves to the scared duo.

As if she had appeared out of thin air, the woman in the veil, wielding a sword appears, pointing it towards the group of lizard men and begins to slowly step towards them.

“Dragards!” She shouts, “You have no authority to intervene this transaction!”

“Dragards?” Michaels mutters, still in shock.

“So, the wannabe Queen is here” the tallest Dragard announces in a sarcastic manner, “It's about time to put an end to this! We will have the fire core!”

“Fire core?”, Shiri looks at the package in her hand, assuming that's what she has in her hand, claded in card and tape.

“Your kind has insulted and made us inferior!” the Dragard says, “And with the core we will have our power back to us!”

The Dragard starts to walk towards Shiri with the package in his sights. The woman scared of what might happens next makes a step attempting to reach them. Shiri is scared, but knows that she still has a job to do clenches her fist, pulls her arm back, and launches it towards the Dragard's chest. With a mighty boom and a bright light, the Dragard was sent to the other side of the roof as Michael, the veiled woman, and the rest of the Dragards looked at disbelief.

“It can't be...?” the woman mutters to herself.

“Can't be what?” Replies Michael.

As the Dragard stumbles and attempts to get back on his feet, he looks and gives Shiri a nasty expression of rage, points at her and shout “CHARGE!”. The other Dragards begin to chase towards Shiri like a pack of wolves on the hunt, but it get cut short when the veiled woman Jumps over and defends the poor girl as she swings her swords at the Dragards.

“You have the potential, don't you!” the woman yells out

“The potential?” Shiri replies confused as she watches the veiled woman slash her sword at the Dragards.

Michael just stands there in shock, not knowing what is going on at all, scared for Shiri's sake, even though the mystery woman is protecting her.


Michael looks to his right and sees another Dragard.

“I'm going to get you too kid!”

At this point Michael freaks out a bit knowing what might happen to him, but realises that this job is important and needs the money to support his younger sister who has been in hospital for a long time. With this thought he knew that in order for her sister to get better, he needed to survive this; he clenches his fist and punches the Dragard, and just like what happened with his friend Shiri, there was a loud boom, and there was a bright green light. The veiled woman who was fighting off the group of Dragards single handedly got instantly distracted by the flash of light and looks over at to Michael.

“Wait... he's got it too!”

An arm pops out suddenly as the woman deflects it with her sword.

“This is a good oppertunity” She says to herself.

The whole time, the veiled woman was wearing an intercom earpiece, she could hear what the pilots were saying, and the pilots can hear what she's saying, and what's being said around her, as they film the scene using a camera mounted on the helicopter, which broadcasts to a base in an unknown location.

“Are you seeing this sir” a Butler speaks to his Master.

“Yes, I am” The Master replies, “We may be seeing possible new candidates for the Round Table team, they have 'potential'...“

“That very good my dear sir” Said the Butler, “That young lady has been the only one for a while now hasn't she? There's not much of a point calling it a “Round Table Team” if there's only one of them, am I right Sir?”

“Yes” The Master agrees, “It is for our best that we build upon the Round Table Team to ensure the future of Britain, and of Her Majesty. The Dragards will not get the fire core...”

Back to the scene, the rooftop battle continues as the veiled woman continues to use her sword, as Michael and Shiri use melle attacks against the group of lizard men called Dragards.

“Hey you!” the veiled woman shouts and points at the pilot in the helicopter, “get me comms to the boss right now! I need my true potential now!”

“Wait, what?” the pilot stumbles “We can't just do that can we...?”

A buzzing sound appears on the intercom system.

“No need to ask them dear Victoria” said the voice of the Master, “You know you can talk to me directly, and you want your true potential right?”

Victoria, the name of the woman wearing the red veil over her looks up towards the camera mounted on the helicopter and nods.

“Please... Will I ever have the moment to feel my true potential, I've been waiting for so long!” Victoria says to the camera.

Michael and Shiri look at Victoria as they try to ward off the Dragard wondering who she's talking to.

With a booming sound, a mounted speaker on the chopper blares out the sound of a man with a well spoken tongue.

“May I have the attention of the young man in green, and the young lady in yellow, through this vehicle I am a witness to a skill that you possess, it's the same skill that the lady wearing the veil has, it's called potential, a power inherited through generations of brave men and women of British history.”

Suddenly the Dragards begin to lash out again and chase after Shiri and Michael, since the Master is talking to them, Victoria instantly knew that her boss will be employing them, tears off her veil, lets her long blonde hair down and fights the Dragards again, making sure that her boss gets to talk to the duo.

“The Lady Victoria has requested me to give her true potential to her, a skill beyond the power of any man, and a power that you might possess too, with the potential that you have, I'd like to see your true potential, your true power, and with it, defeat the lizard men calling themselves 'Dragards'... “

A compartment appears to open on the side of the chopper and launches a breifcase toward the roof top, Victoria instantly sees this, and without a moment to lose, jump out and catches the case, opens it, and takes out a single glove and a key.

“This is my power!” says Victoria “This is what I've been training for! And this moment is now!”

Victoria turns around facing the Dragard, they see the glove and key in her hand and start to worry, as Michael and Shiri are confused, but curious about this power that the man with the posh accent was saying. Victoria slips the glove on her left hand, the glove is coloured red, the same colour as the veil that she was wearing a moment ago, the glove pulls up to about half way up her forearm, and on the forearm there's a keyhole. Victoria clenches her fist and pulls her arm closer to her, with her fist parallel to her shoulders, and her elbow pointing down. She holds a key in her right hand and points it towards the Dragards, and shouts

“It's Morphin' time! Show me my true potential!”

with her left arm in the same position, she slots the key into the keyhole on the forearm of the glove, but doesn't turn it, instead she twists her arm out, pointing it straight out, turning the lock in the glove instead of turning the key and a bright red light surround her. Pieces of metal appear and begin to snap together forming a shining coat of armour around her. Her helmet has a face of a lion on it and gives her a look of true power as she faces her foe, scaring them.

“What is going on!” shouts Micheal, “Is this what they mean by 'Potential'...”

“Yes” replies Victoria, donning her shining red armour, “This is my true potential, my love to protect my country! Now! Just do what I just did and get your armour on!”.

Victoria throws the case towards the duo, they pick it up and see a pair of gloves and keys, one in green, and one in yellow. Knowing their colours, Michael and Shiri put the gloves on their left hand, shout “Show me my true potential”, put the key in the keyhole and twist the lock on the glove just like what Victoria did. Michael is cladded in a shiny green armour, and the helmet has the face of a hawk on it; as Shiri was covered in the yellow shining armour, and her helmet had the face of a deer on it.

Tas they start to get adjusted to their new cladding, they felt a torrent of power go through their body like nothing they felt before. Shiri still had the package with her and knew that she had the power to keep the it safe from the Dragards, with her new found power jump high enough to get on board the helicopter and gave the pilot the package and told him fly further away so that he couldn't get into trouble. Michael joined Victoria in the battle,

“How come I don't get a sword?” he said.

“That's because you haven't been given one yet” Victoria replied sarcastically.

Shiri jumps down from the chopper and joins back with Michael as the new trio of shining armoured heroes begin to finish the fight taking on the Dragards and beating them to pulp, Micheal and Shiri use a combo of punches and kicks as Victoria concentrates on her sword skills as they beat all the Dragards into submission.

“Wow, you do this for a living?” Michael says to Victoria.

“Yeah, and I'm your new boss now!” she replies

“Hold on” says Shiri, “All this because of that package? Who hired us to deliver this to you anyway? We just got a note and a lot of money for it, what's so important about this 'Fire core' anyway”

Up above, a darkness appears in mid air.

“Wait what's that” says Michael pointing up at it.

“YOU FOOLS!” A booming voice came from the darkness, “I'll do this myself!”

Suddenly a flash appears and the chopper, that was at least 70 feet away from the roof top blows up.

“NO!” Screams Victory, “The core was on that helicopter! We need to stop who ever came out of that darkness now!”

End of Chapter One

So yeah, hope you liked reading that, as I said, please post anything that you think will make this fan fiction any better, thanks!
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