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PGSM making of

Post by takenoko »

This may sound like a stupid question, but does anyone have the PGSM making of's crc? It's not in the file name so I don't know for sure

[mCRC] - [[t-n]_bishojo_senshi_sailormoon_act._00_[making_of]_(xvid).avi/174.1MB] - [0EF1A2AC/-INFILE-] - [NO MATCH]
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Re: PGSM making of

Post by AdamH »

That's the same CRC I get:

--> [mCRC] - Commencing CRC check on [t-n]_bishojo_senshi_sailormoon_act._00_[making_of]_(xvid).avi. Please wait and do not do anything else until completed..
[12-29-2009 11:29:16] <Adam_away> [mCRC] - [[t-n]_bishojo_senshi_sailormoon_act._00_[making_of]_(xvid).avi/174.1MB] - [0EF1A2AC/-INFILE-] - [ERROR]
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