Travelers: Dimensional Police released

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Re: Travelers: Dimensional Police released

Post by takenoko »

I'm kind of surprised and kind of not. The Japanese DVD came with English subtitles, so you can kind of see them angling to market this to an English speaking market at some point.

I'll be interested in seeing if they use that script or if they fix it up like we did. If you want, you can see the original captions here: ... Transcript
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Re: Travelers: Dimensional Police released

Post by Digifiend »

I notice it's being marketed as from the director of Power Rangers (a reference to Koichi Sakamoto). I guess we're lucky they didn't go all out and call the stars "Japanese Power Rangers", since Nao Nagasawa and Ayumi Kinoshita are both Sentai alumni. They clearly want the PR fanbase to buy this.
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