Problems with Twitch archives (Recording with PS4)

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Problems with Twitch archives (Recording with PS4)

Post by takenoko »

So I've had this problem for a while now. Sometimes when I record with the PS4, the archive on Twitch will go bad. It'll look fine on stream. But when you play it back, the video will freeze on a frame, even though the audio will go on. Then all the video will rush to catch up super fast. But essentially all that video footage is gone.

Anyway know why this happens? Is it PS4 only? I've never heard of any other Twitch users having this particular problem, but my friend who just recently got a PS4 just had this problem when he recorded last night. Any solutions?
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Re: Problems with Twitch archives (Recording with PS4)

Post by archer9234 »

Could be a issue with Twitch in the PS4 OS. And your net connection to their servers. I know Twitch videos can get corrupted in any setup. They're actually saved in 30 min chunks. So a whole section can freeze. But then resume. My only sugestion is if you can capture with a PC. And not the PS4's built in Twitch, as a test.
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