Splatoon 2 [Nintendo Switch]

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Splatoon 2 [Nintendo Switch]

Post by DaVinci030 »

After I bought my Switch and set it up the day before February 2018, I finally bought this game through digital download. Let's get this over with. *WOOMY*

It's a sequel to Splatoon FYI... with better weapons, props, gaming graphics, etc.

I dunno what's the easiest mission but one of the hardest missions are (1) "Platform Madhouse", I splat the inks through the platform to get to the next checkpoint but somehow the Octarian keeps me out of the platform so I got splated maybe too many times and many retries. (2) And the other I really don't know is that I got a "half-sniper rifle", trying to get past the Octarian snipers who splat me really really hard that I'm getting a bit rage.

Doesn't matter as I moved on to the story, it's about Agent 4 and that's me, an Inkling player who was voluntarily hired by Marie (Hotaru in JP) in search for Marie (Aori in JP) and the Great Zapfish who was disappeared in the city of Inkopolis. It's a very good story but I'm not gonna spoil the rest of it.

Oh---and I just read the Squid Sisters' Stories and that's the web story took place between Splatoon and this game.

On to the online multiplayer, Regular Battle known as the Turf War was dope. Splatting everything within the turf and the Inkling opponents. As of this post, I'm at Level 12 with more than 9 weapons bought including some of my favorite weapons, "Hero Roller Replica" and my favorite special weapon, "Splashdown", splashing through the ground with mighty force that the opponents within range got splatted.

I'll be more and more fresh in the online mode next time. 5 stars overall: This game is DOPE... better than the previous Splatoon for Wii U.

Oh I almost forgot, it was very popular mostly in Japan, including the kids I recently watched (Splatoon 2 : The Strongest Elementary Group Tournament) live on Nintendo YT channel. That was immense.

I wish I can buy Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, Mario Odyssey, and Ultra Street Fighter II some other day.
(But not The Legend of Zelda™: Breath of the Wild)
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