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DOOM Eternal

Post by TypicalStandUser » Sat Aug 11, 2018 1:15 am

Quakecon's this weekend and they've kicked things off with the day one keynote that included the gameplay for the new game.

Notable additions:

1. New graphics engine: IdTech 7. This is interesting because this game will be out on PS4/X1/PC and the Switch and the latter has the outdated Nvidia Tegra graphics card. Wondering how Id's going to optimize the entire game.

2. Invasion Mode - the game's Player Data Sharing component where online players can connect to another player's campaign playthrough as demons to attack the player character. Totally optional, can be turned on/off.

3. In line with the new graphics engine, all enemies have extra models with varying battle damage depending on what body part the player character shot at. It might be a good way to determine how much life they have left before a player can glory kill them.

Jeannie Tirado (Android 21 of DragonBall Fighterz) is voicing the hologram spokesperson in the campaign, functioning similarly to the UAC hologram spokesperson from the 2016 game.

I have some speculation why there's no release date: Sure, it's in development.

In the coming months, Nvidia and Intel are planning to launch new PC hardware. Sure, Bethesda has a partnership with AMD, the company providing three of the four current-gen consoles their graphics cards as well as being the only company that LOVES the Vulkan Application-Programing Interface, present in the 2016 game and Wolfenstein 2. At a marketing viewpoint, however, id (being the very people who always prioritized their game creation for PC) and Bethesda can ride the 4K monitor wave and promote that the new game is possible to run on 4k, 60fps with either AMD's Vega 56/64 graphics cards and/or Nvidia's upcoming GPUs over the fall, in conjunction with AMD's Ryzen 2 processors and/or Intel's upcoming 9th generation processors. Additionally, the game could also make good use of the PS4 Pro/X1-X's beefier graphics cards to make 4K, 60fps gaming with that 4K TV possible.

This game better be hella good.
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Re: DOOM Eternal

Post by nanamarfo » Sat Aug 11, 2018 1:25 am

This game looks amazing! Didn't play Doom 4 but this looks like that with more bells and whistles.

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