KR Kiva 32 Released

They changed the name cause Horse
Orphenoch was threatening to sue
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steve the kitty
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Re: KR Kiva 32 Released

Post by steve the kitty » Sat Sep 20, 2008 7:36 pm

Silent_X wrote:You know that bank robber wasn't wearing a shirt with buttons.
If Nago got a hold of him, I'm sure that he'd rip the button from he's pants or something... that man is psycho when it comes to his buttons.

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Re: KR Kiva 32 Released

Post by zeronos_potato_form » Sat Sep 20, 2008 8:16 pm

Woots. Guess I should post my reply asap instead of waiting for the next day. (Complete and watch finsh it at 1.30 AM, :P) Anyway, Castle Dran is sleeping in the forest. It look so cute... I wanna hug it. Nago: I wanna be a Bouty Hunter cause I can earn free buttons and get money at the same time. LOL at Wataru, the most polite Bounty Hunter ever. Catching a criminal turn out to let him escape (and let Nago finsh the job for him), and play with his childhood friend on a sand pit mean for children (though both are not 100% human, Wataru 50% Fangire, Taiga pure fangire) and ignored Nago when Nago trying to scold him. Tatuslot is a kid, and that for sure. He does not even know when not to disturb Wataru when Wataru was having a romatic atmosphere with Mio, so end up being drag away by Kivat. That traitor fangire... Look so nerdy. How possible a human can love him? (chanes ranged from 1-99%). That Bishop is a stalker. Stalking the Queen 24/7. Wondering does he even do anything else than stalking? Gotta LOL at Megumi, see a handsome guy and goes X.X over him and trying to flirt with him (though unsessecful). As usual, the (most probaly evil) new rider standing at one side, watching his friend fight against the Good rider without revealing himself. *Despo to see Name not revealed yet

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Re: KR Kiva 32 Released

Post by shadowblade330 » Sat Sep 20, 2008 8:32 pm

Great episode lots of stuff happening cant wait for the next episode.

Kamen Rider Den-O gonna miss all that climaxing.

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Re: KR Kiva 32 Released

Post by takenoko » Sat Sep 20, 2008 8:47 pm

Oh yeah, the nerd Fangire was great. It was just so random

Lao Hu
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Whoa. Neo is an anagram of One. Whoa
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Re: KR Kiva 32 Released

Post by Lao Hu » Sat Sep 20, 2008 9:45 pm

Maybe it was just me...

Does it appear that they re-configured the CG for Tatsulot? His tail seems a bit longer than in previous episodes. It might have been the camera angles (since we usually see him more in profile than from the front. Totally random. Just wondering if anyone else noticed this.

Outstanding translation on this one, guys! Thanks for all the hard work!

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Re: KR Kiva 32 Released

Post by Archon Divinus » Sat Sep 20, 2008 9:46 pm

Watching this episode, it dawned on me that the writers may know exactly where they're going, which is a very nice change of pace. Everything seems to be coming together so nicely. Plus, awesome new rider reveal. Kengo, perhaps?

Also: even when he's sane, Nago is still pretty damn crazy. Good times.

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Re: KR Kiva 32 Released

Post by ryujin » Sat Sep 20, 2008 10:03 pm

Riki appearing out of nowhere? ... i'm guessing Riki (or his clan) had a run in with the Fangire Queen before.

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Re: KR Kiva 32 Released

Post by Aoiblue » Sat Sep 20, 2008 10:28 pm

takenoko wrote:Oh yeah, the nerd Fangire was great. It was just so random
wasnt he in Boukenger?
you know the guys who wanted to get into that school thing about Adventure or something?

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Re: KR Kiva 32 Released

Post by ShadowX7 » Sat Sep 20, 2008 10:39 pm

Taiga and Wataru are half brothers, obviously. Maya finally realizes what it is to love a human with Otoya, and Otoya falls for Maya and her mysterious super hotness. They do the horizontal mambo, but the 1980s King finds out and fights Otoya, becoming the evil Kiva that everyone talked about in the beginning of the series. There's a big battle between 1980s IXA and Kiva that almost destroys the world, and they kill each other. Maya runs off somehow stealing Castle Doran raises Wataru herself, asking Kivat and the three Arms Monsters to protect him and that when the time comes to give him their power to protect humanity.

But the three arms monsters work for Otoya (said by Jirou himself), not Maya. And if Maya betrayed the other fangires, won't she be chased down by Bishop and be killed? And how do they pass Queen's power to Mio? Is it genetically? Or because of that leg bracelet?

This episode seems weird to me...
1. The sudden scene changes (Wataru and Taiga building sand castle and then it suddenly skipped to Taiga and Mio having lunch)
2. The weird time line (From the "Sudden scene change" after Taiga talked while Mio is eating, the next scene is Taiga and Wataru talking in that "whatever its name is" cafe. Shouldn't after they (Taiga and Wataru) meet, they go talk somewhere? Not skip to the lunch with Mio scene?)
3. The randomness of Riki appearing out of nowhere to fight Maya...
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Re: KR Kiva 32 Released

Post by monritche » Sat Sep 20, 2008 10:59 pm

*Pailia = Paella (a Spanish rice dish) . How I love this food (envies Mio). Yummy, btw here's one good recipe of paella,1371,RC.html

*13:53 - Making bat sand outlines.

*I like the New Rider costume. Its stain glass design is definitely fangaiesque.

*Cool Pearl Shell Fangire power. Black pearls form crown, surrounds target and fires like super pellets.

*Preview shows Dogga Fever. That's why it is Riki vs Maya for this episode.

*Coffee meeting outside Kido's Cafe? hmmm...

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Re: KR Kiva 32 Released

Post by TheRamenBandit » Sat Sep 20, 2008 11:08 pm

*after Nago catches Burgler*
Nago: Where's your button!
*grabs crotch button*
*rips it out*
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Re: KR Kiva 32 Released

Post by Kogashi » Sat Sep 20, 2008 11:41 pm

Huh... So Taiga is the kid from Maya and who ever the King was back in 86... And if we go with the assumption that Wataru's parents are Otoya (which we know) and Maya (who everyone guesses)... Yea that would mean him and Taiga are only half brothers...He's still a prick for going after his best friend's girl but he doesn't know cause Mio didn't tell him, like in an attempt not to get shattered like all the fangire that love humans like Mio thinks Wataru is.

Also... What if Maya and 86 King's kid was a girl... Would that mean instead of King it would have been the next Queen and they'd have to look for King? Or would they just keep pumping them out till a boy (King) was born?

One, last, thing... Anyone else surprised by Riki popping up out of nowhere to show Otoya Maya's true 'colors' as it were? ... Does that make Riki an Otoya fan-boy?
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Re: KR Kiva 32 Released

Post by Tuss4 » Sun Sep 21, 2008 12:23 am

tht was a kaixa esque entrance
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Re: KR Kiva 32 Released

Post by Map » Sun Sep 21, 2008 1:37 am

This episode seemed a bit strange to me because the '86 plot was a bit shorter than normal, but oh well. Also, still using emperor form? Bleh. I want to see Bashaa form again. T_T

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Re: KR Kiva 32 Released

Post by bondanrastika » Sun Sep 21, 2008 3:14 am

- huh? another faiz thingy : the "we-dont-know-his-name-yet" rider's appearance was kinda similar to kaixa's. we go way back. and that was a good cocktease. :wink:
- hmm.. where have i seen that decoration on his feet/arm before.. wasn't it similar to that aozora organization's weapon?? (that whip thingy..) shima-san better have some explanation.
- the wataru/taiga scene jump to taiga/mio scene was kinda confusing.
- that's right!! spare his life cos he's an otaku!! gyahahahahaha..
- did anyone notice maya's henshin? her cheek looked just like wataru when he henshins. (y'know, that stained glass thingy..)
- that's what i was talking about!! mio's fangire form is the same with maya's. only different color.
- dammit toei. you should just rename the show to "Kamen Rider Emperor Kiva" (i miss the good ol' DMB.. :()

there are 3 things that i can't wait to find out :
- eps. 33, and who is that rider??? is it taiga? or maybe kengo? or maybe someone else??? we haven't know yet :wink:
- and as this series is getting nearer to the end, i can't wait to see the rest of the story and how will it end.
- last but not least, i can't wait to see what's 2009's rider going to look like :D gyahahahaha..

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