Dragon Quest Your Story

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Hyakkiyakou wo Buttagiru
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Dragon Quest Your Story

Post by erikhol »

I know it wasn't recieved as great as it mightive been - but i'm still curious to see it. Is Dragon Quest Your Story planned to be subbed when it releases on bluray? (I tried looking up this question on the forum but couldn't find anyone else asking, plus i didn't know anywhere else better to ask this.)

That is, of course, if the movie isn't brought over to america. But Im doubtful thats going to happen. If you know any news on this front please share.

Just curious if it might be done by this group. And if not this group, might there be another group that would do it?
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Re: Dragon Quest Your Story

Post by takenoko »

Huh, didn't know this was a thing. I like the series well enough, but don't think I'd want to pick it up to work on it.
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Re: Dragon Quest Your Story

Post by Kamen_Rider_Chojin »

It's licensed. You can find the movie on Netflix.
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