Space Sheriff Gavan the Movie

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Re: Space Sheriff Gavan the Movie

Post by Blaze Dragon » Sun Mar 24, 2013 9:32 pm

I agree with most of the opinions here, in that the plot was...rather obvious, there were no actual twists really. Tooya being the bad guy was painfully obvious from the get-go, though his pendant appearing on Earth was really random and something that a possible DC should probably explain.

Kenji Ohba was the best part of the movie, unsurprisingly. Retsu just feels like the best character of the lot, having a strong personality and fighting abilities, something the rest just...didn't quite accomplish. Geki is basically useless during most of the movie, and his characterization He's just a hot headed guy who likes a girl and has a best friend turned evil. Seen that before. Lots of times, in fact.

Sharivan and Shaider...what was the point? They show no personality whatsoever, in fact, I was pretty sure Date-san was completely mute until he transformed. It seriously feels like it was an afterthought adding them, except that the commercials for the movie showed both of them as major characters, something they definitely weren't. Disappointing.

The Makuu guys REALLY like the idea of using women as human shields, don't they? I mean, three fights in a row, they use a girl as a shield (Itsuki and Shelly both).

Why was Itsuki needed for Don Horror's revival? So random. I know she's meant to be important but try harder. Give me a reason for stuff happening.

Tooya's character is completely stupid. He's meant to be a good guy turned evil...but comes across as a massive dick even when he wasn't Brighton. His reasons for turning evil are idiotic at best, he thinks Geki let him go...if he planned on doing that, why would he have risked himself by leaving the shuttle? For a genius scientist, he sure was an idiot. And then his death...and I'm meant to care. I don't. Geki's hilariously bad acting doesn't help. I almost broke down laughing thanks to Geki's awful acting.

So...yeah, not the best movie by any means. Still better than the Go-Buster episodes... My Youtube channel. Has whatever I've uploaded that I know Toei won't delete and close my account with!

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Re: Space Sheriff Gavan the Movie

Post by dekamaster » Mon Mar 25, 2013 1:47 am

over all i liked the movie but geki simply didn't live up to being the new gavan but I didn't think he lived up to kenji ohba from the beginning when i saw him in gobusters anyway.

it strikes me as a little annoying though that kotoha was a side character and yet she still seemed to be a better fighter than geki and that she could have beaten the makuu instead of geki had they simply given her the combat suit.

the scene with the makuu dimension believe it or not actually seemed a lot tamer than during the series but not nearly as tame as in gobusters.

I do believe that they should have given shaider and sharivan more screen time rather than just we're here and we defeated two villains even though most of our fight was off screen.

I was very surprised though when they started showing blood and actually paused the movie to see if it was a directors cut cause i don't even remember seeing blood in the original gavan.

thought it was kinda funny though that when tooya died he didn't have a scratch on him yet geki was covered in deep gashes.

also I think the final battle wasn't that well thought out since it showed tooya wiping the floor with geki only for geki to later go time to get serious, also itsuki breaking free of don horror seemed way to easy.

finally i don't get why they changed how the gavan mooks looked or at the very least why they made them look like that.
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Re: Space Sheriff Gavan the Movie

Post by Arawynn » Mon Mar 25, 2013 3:54 am

The new Gavan doesn't seem like a badass at all. Granted he is still a newbie..but he doesn't even have any badass style of his own that he could develop.
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Re: Space Sheriff Gavan the Movie

Post by redwhitesentai » Mon Mar 25, 2013 3:57 pm

They should make a movie with Kenji Ohba and Jackie Chan, now I will watch that.

This Gavan movie, simply dissapointing me. All the twin love hate storyline with Darth Vadddder helmet, oooh.... Even worse they dragged in Sharivan and Shaider Jr.

Kenji Ohba... V - yaaay... and that's saved the entire movie.

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Re: Space Sheriff Gavan the Movie

Post by KR_FIA » Mon Apr 01, 2013 5:21 am

I think one of the problems with this movie is that they had no idea what sort of audiences they were aiming for. The murders occurred 10-15 minutes into the movie seemed to imply it tried something akin Kamen Rider the First, but soon devolved to something rather comedic (With a kaijin to boot. Yeah, I am referring to any scene with Lizard Doubler. The Makuu part sure succeeded in something - boggling my mind, that is).

I don't really get the point of Don Horror here. He managed to manipulate Tooya, yet failed to take full control of a normal girl. That said, guess Tooya was fine even with a masculine conscience within his perfect bride.

That said, a protagonist who couldn't do anything. Plenty sure I have heard the quote "Geki, what are you doing!?" numerous times. Had old Gavan not entered and stolen the limelight, this movie would be beyond mediocre.

Ah, Sharivan and Shaider. I guess they didn't get much screen-time since they were not the titular character, I supposed?

Overall below average movie. I actually watched it along with two siblings for nostalgic sake, but guess it had not been quite enjoyable as I expected.

Still, thanks to everyone who worked on the sub as always.

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Hyakkiyakou wo Buttagiru
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Space Sheriff Gavan

Post by wisdomcat » Tue Nov 03, 2015 7:20 pm

I wanted to talk about the Space Sheriff Gavan movie (the one with Geki of course). Would it have been more successful with the kids if it started a tv series like what Garo Gold Storm Sho did? I mean I heard it spawned several other movies but I didn't pay attention to them. I think it could have restarted the space sheriff franchise again if it created a tv series following the movie.

Merged with the main topic. If you look at the nav box on the wiki page for the Gavan Movie on our wiki you can see a link to our episode/movie thread discussions.

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