Sentai, Ultraman, Toys commercials pack 2020 released

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Sentai, Ultraman, Toys commercials pack 2020 released

Post by takenoko »


A few cool toy commercials in this one, like the cup noodle, ultraman, and the Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Disc toy

The bulk of this batch is a mini series that was on YouTube to promote the opening of Tamashii Nations' store in Akihabara, Tokyo. The only problem is that I didn't grab all of them in time so the series is missing episode 2 and the final ones. I'm really amazed by the strictness of Japanese companies because I tried to get them within a year of them uploading, but they were already gone by them. Same thing happened for a bunch of those Zespri Kiwi commercials (but luckily I had those downloaded)
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