Cutey Honey Flash Singer, Salia, performng live on April 4

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I am the new #2
I am the new #2
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Cutey Honey Flash Singer, Salia, performng live on April 4

Post by samurailace » Sat Mar 21, 2009 11:33 am

I know this is my first post but when I saw there were Cutey Honey fans here I had to post this... :oops:

Salia will be performing with her group Unicorn Table at Akiba Fest: Pop the Rock Japan Music Show case at the University of Maryland on April 4th with Psychic Lover, Sister Mayo, Tanimoto, and Shing02!


Salia Sang the theme from Cutie Honey Flash, Gao Ranger and Vandread- which I am so happy Funimation will be re releasing soon!
I have seen her perform with Unicorn Table before so I know it's going to be a good show especially with the other acts.

Here is a clip of Salia singing Cutey honey:

The whole Washington DC area will be filled with Japanese goodness that day because The National Cherry blossom's Sakura Matsuri - Japan Street Festival is also happening that day (150,000 people!) and Akiba Fest will be the Main nighttime event. All of the singers will also be at the Street Festival during the day to meet fans!! If you are in DC you can just take a metro to UMD.
I hope I can meet Salia and Psychic Lover!

Here is information on Akiba Fest: Pop the rock Japan Music Showcase form other blogs:

Magiranger, Dekaranger, Yu gi oh, Witchblade, Transformers Armada, and the just did the them for the new sentai SAMURAI SENTAI SHINKENGAR

School Rumble, Jinki:Extend, Cutey honey Flash (Salia), Vandread (salia) GaoRanger (Salia) Solty Rei (Shin-go: guitarist/ producer) Pumpkin Scissors (shin-go) Casshern Live Action (Shin-go)

Magiranger!!! Hare + Guu, Master of Mosquiton, Beast Wars II, Engine First Lap with Project.R

Konjiki No Gash Bell, Vision of Digimon, Prince of Tennis, & Playstation 2 game music

Samurai Champloo... This is his only anime related thing but he has been a popular Hip op artist for years. And I give PTRJMS props for changing things up.

Super Art Fight and DJ ASU will also be there.

Akiba Fest: Pop The Rock Japan Music Showcase
Samuel Riggs IV Alumni Center at the University of Maryland - College Park, MD
April 4, 09 5PM - 11PM
Best part... Five Japanese acts (4 that did Sentai- He he! :wink:) for only $15 online now or $20 at the door the day of!

Rare chance to see so many Sentai acts together so lets support it!


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