Ratings Poll: Engine Sentai Go-Onger

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Did you like Go-Onger?

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Ratings Poll: Engine Sentai Go-Onger

Post by wisdomcat »

I'm giving it a 4. I love the characters and the story and I liked what they did with the team. The ending was meh but I still liked the series.

http://takkynoko.tumblr.com/tagged/Engi ... i-Go-Onger
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Re: Ratings Poll: Engine Sentai Go-Onger

Post by Catastrophe »

I enjoyed it a lot. People give it flack for being too silly but I think it works well in this setting. It has some really epic moments in it, and the soundtrack is fantastic.
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Re: Ratings Poll: Engine Sentai Go-Onger

Post by BuraddoRun »

Go-Onger gets 5 stars from me. Currently, it's my favorite all-time Sentai series.

Part of the reason for that is that it was one of my 1st, probably. I think all of us have some of our fondest Sentai memories come from the 1st series we watched, right? I actually watched Go-Onger at the same time as Goseiger and Shinkenger. I liked all 3, but here's 2 big reasons why Go-onger stands out among them, to me, and also among all other Sentai I've seen so far : HEART and FUN

Go-Onger is silly. The Go-Ongers aren't super powerful, or super cool, or super smart. The villains are dolts. The stories are mostly ridiculous. But at the base of all that silliness, there's a lot of heart put into and expressed by the characters. They try so hard, and of course they succeed, but with most Sentai you see the characters fight their way to the top and learn new powers and grow in will and just be badass, you know? But the Go-Ongers, they fight too, but they're not REALLY badass, right? They're silly, and endearing, and with that somehow have badass moments. But that's not a word most of us would use to describe them I think. They more remind me of the Little Engine that Could. That's why they're the Engine Sentai in my book. ;)

And that's the other part; this show was genuinely a lot of fun. Shinkenger was definitely COOL, and had some very mature themes. That scratched the deep storytelling itch that Sentai could provide for me. Goseiger was currently airing at the time, and it had that mystery going with Buredoran, and REALLY good action that showed me just what Sentai could provide in terms of production nowadays (hadn't seen any of it since MMPR). The robos were cool and the suits were nice, too. But of the 3, Go-Onger was just...fun! I felt most relaxed when watching it of the 3. I KNEW I would smile during every Go-Onger episode, and that's why, for me, Go-Onger remains my favorite of the series.
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Re: Ratings Poll: Engine Sentai Go-Onger

Post by AxemYellow »

This was my first Sentai and it's still one of my favourites. It has both great heroes and villains. A bit goofy. 4.
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Re: Ratings Poll: Engine Sentai Go-Onger

Post by barfmaster »

my first sentai and still fun to laugh with
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Re: Ratings Poll: Engine Sentai Go-Onger

Post by Go-On Macaroni »

Giving this a 1.
It was my first weekly but, looking back, writer Junki Takegami and producer Jun Hikasa were both clearly burnt-out by this point and the show suffered for it.
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Re: Ratings Poll: Engine Sentai Go-Onger

Post by Lunagel »

3 for me. The story was silly and childish and the villains were silly and childish and I think that's honestly one of Go-Onger's good points. The show itself was nothing really special but the cast really shone and there were really excellent character interactions. Pretty mediocre series overall but I have to bump it up just because I think it honestly had one of the best casts in sentai history, with all of the actors working off each other and playing to each others' strengths.

And Kegareshia was just hilarious. Who knew porn stars were so funny?
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Re: Ratings Poll: Engine Sentai Go-Onger

Post by HowlingSnail »

I watched Go-Onger for the first time last summer, and I thought it was fantastico, al dente. It's weird, I hated Kyoryuger for being too silly, yet I loved Go-Onger, though I personally don't find Go-Onger to be as silly as people say. Go-On is one of the only seasons where I really want to get the toys, and I really wish I had a time machine so I could go back in time and get them.

Someone really needs to explain to Birca what "al dente" means though, al dente.
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Re: Ratings Poll: Engine Sentai Go-Onger

Post by takenoko »

5 for me. I'm a big fan. I think this series has a lot more heart and fun than people give it credit for. Plus, it's the first series with a regular set of 7 members. Plus one of the additional Rangers is female.
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Re: Ratings Poll: Engine Sentai Go-Onger

Post by Gokai Green »

I gave the show a 4. I enjoyed the heck out it and it's among my top 3 favorite sentai along with Gokaiger and Gaoranger.
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Re: Ratings Poll: Engine Sentai Go-Onger

Post by MaliceMasquerade »

5!!!! I freakin love Go-Onger! I really hate that people look down on this season and I constantly have to defend it. It's just so FUN and definitely my favorite sentai of all time so far! Sosuke is also my favorite ranger of all time! Go-Onger has one of the biggest casts when you add all the engines too, I mean they're also characters. Just watching the relationship between the humans and their engine partners is so entertaining! This is also the only sentai where I love all the characters, they just work so well together because they're all kind of idiots in a loving and enduring way. I get a lot of secondhand embarrassment when watching Go-Onger but I'm always smiling everytime I watch it and I think that's what a great sentai should do, make you laugh and smile and feel happy! That's why it's a 5!
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Re: Ratings Poll: Engine Sentai Go-Onger

Post by envedges »

I wanted to like this series, but sadly I did not enjoy the series. The characters were ok, but didn't stand to me out compare to other Sentai. The humor was cute at best, and when the series tries to be serious, the execution was mediocre. Overall score: 2 of 5. Also if someone ever ask me which Toku year was the worst, I'll easily respond with the answer 2008, because this and Kiva were pretty bad in my opinion.
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Re: Ratings Poll: Engine Sentai Go-Onger

Post by dualvision1984 »

Go-Onger... hmm... pro-environment theme show for the Super Sentai franchise. Good story line. Have one of the largest mecha in the Super Sentai franchise (Engine Oh G12)... I'll give it 5 out of 5.
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Re: Ratings Poll: Engine Sentai Go-Onger

Post by Hoshinger »

Go-Onger was a good series because it showed the alternate worlds that people have only imagined in their dreams. I still think Hiroto was a total ass from being a rich kid who gained the power of flight, but nothing against the actor. The women were hot, especially Kegalesia, and it was interesting to see a second female warrior who wasn't pink.
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Re: Ratings Poll: Engine Sentai Go-Onger

Post by mholden020 »


Never made it past the third episode. Sosuke was #1 on my list of Most Irritating Toku characters until I watched KR Hibiki and was exposed to Kiriya. I'm assuming it "gets good" at episode 4, but I just can't bring myself to watch it.
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