Go-Onger 50 released

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Re: Go-Onger 50 released

Post by AeonRanger » Tue Feb 17, 2009 11:49 am

Not watched it yet but i love the art work on the home page awesome art who drew it nice work.
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Re: Go-Onger 50 released

Post by prowlfire » Tue Feb 17, 2009 12:00 pm

I was very pleased when I noticed that the clock read 7:44 as Yogoshimakuritein screamed "I'm sorry" because that meant the last half of the episode would be dedicated to an epilogue of sorts. I love those kinds of endings especially since I got to see Miu in that beautiful dress.

The cameos at the end were the icing on the cake, ironic since the first one I recognized was the bakery owner's voice as Bear V and then of course there's the obvious Nao Oikawa/Kegareshia. Watching this after the Kiva movie and the Imagin seiyuu cameos just made me smile even more.

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Re: Go-Onger 50 released

Post by Ninja_Commander » Tue Feb 17, 2009 12:53 pm

I liked how they put it all together and the fight ended just as it should have. Helmetless roll call?! We need more of that. The ending I thought was just what this series needed to end. But hearing of the executives means there are still new ways maybe to extend the series, hopefully.

Gunpei in glasses was something a little different, but works for him. Hanto just seems to always get in some kind of trouble. Its funny to think that maybe Hiroto is wanting to get away from the rich life and enjoy a normal life but with the money of his rich life. Same goes for Miu. Saki working in a cake shop matches her perfectly, but her sister should be punished big time for taking her pay. Ren as mechanic for Sousuke I though was just good choice for him, but I feel bad for Sousuke. I mean to start as kart racer seems kinda embarrassing, but hey he needs to do that so he can get back on top to where he was before.

I liked this series, seemed kinda silly or different at times but worked out well in the end. Hope to see some kinda continuation besides the future Shinkenger VS. Go-Onger.

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Re: Go-Onger 50 released

Post by kaemmerite » Tue Feb 17, 2009 1:04 pm

This was the first Sentai I ever watched from start to finish, and I love it. I know lots of people say it was too goofy, but I thought it was great and I think a lot of people really missed out on this series if they didn't give it a chance just because it wasn't all "SUPER DARK SERIOUS."

The only cameos I recognized were Kega's and Yogo's (his was especially easy because of his "nari" at the end of the sentence). I'll have to watch the episode again later for the Engine voice cameos, and I don't recall seeing Kitaneidas, though maybe it was one of the detectives like PHurricane said.

The helmetless roll call was great. I was slightly disappointed at how easily the Prime Minister went down, but I can overlook it.

The only SLIGHT complaint I have is that they did the "Here we go again!" ending. Like Faiz, since they're unlikely to make any sort of sequel to Go-Onger, having an ending like that is sort of unfulfilling. Yeah, they'll have Shikenger vs. Go-Onger next year, and maybe this is the teaser for the plot of that, but I dunno.

Anyway. The best part was how Gunpei changed the side of Ginjiro-Go to say "Gunpeiger." I think that officially makes Gunpei my favorite character.

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Re: Go-Onger 50 released

Post by prsentai » Tue Feb 17, 2009 1:37 pm

I bet engine dia shogun will be in the shinkenger teamup
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Re: Go-Onger 50 released

Post by Ryu Serpentine » Tue Feb 17, 2009 1:41 pm

I think this was definitely the best way to end this series. I was wondering if those seemingly random guys were the VAs, now I know I was right.

I have to admit, my first thought as to what happened with the handcuffs was adult in nature.

As was said by others, the helmetless rollcall was great.

Oh and we also got the last two worlds names. So the 11 worlds are:

1. Machine World
2. Human/Dino World
3. Junk World
4. Samurai World
5. Sound World
6. Storm World
7. Magic World
8. Prism World.
9. Chrstmas World.
10. Glass World
11. Gunman World.

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Re: Go-Onger 50 released

Post by takenoko » Tue Feb 17, 2009 2:24 pm

>The last battle didn't have the same punch as other final episodes

Yeah, it really didn't feel like they were facing a last boss at all. Once his powers were taken away, they beat him pretty much with the standard attacks

>How do the dissolved team members come back? Solution: They just do.

At least the writers said up front "hey, we're using a deux ex machina here". Got to give them points for honesty XD

>I love that they added the line about partners going anywhere together

Yeah. I also don't think I've really seen a Sentai series end where the group doesn't break up in some way or another. A lot of the times red goes off doing his own thing and everyone with their own thing. I really like the idea of the Go-Ongers just continuing the battle on a new stage

>"Here we go again!" ending.

It's not really like Faiz though. All the loose strings were tied up, such as they were. They're just going to start a new adventure somewhere else. I honestly think I like these kind of endings best. Heroes should stay heroes

Sadly I only got the Bear R, Yogo, Kega, Buson easter eggs. A poor observer is me!

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Re: Go-Onger 50 released

Post by Arigomi » Tue Feb 17, 2009 4:00 pm

I actually liked the final battle because the writers made references to the battle in the very first episode of Go-Ongers. Go watch/skim the first episode and see for yourself. Yogoshimakurtein's political themed attacks were creative.

"Gunpeiger" has to be the best easter egg in the entire episode. I only noticed it after rewatching the epilogue to let all the awesomeness fully sink in. I guessed the meaning behind it right when the translation for it popped up. This is just another reason why Gunpei is my favorite character. He is the only one who has the right personality to do something so vain and silly.

Shinken Red and Go-On Red clashing their swords at the very end was a nice way to illustrate the transition instead of the traditional high-five as the old and new leaders walk past each other.

I think what makes Go-Ongers different from other seasons is that the writers were given the freedom to do pretty whatever they wanted. This allowed them to experiment and try out ideas that wouldn't normally fit in a different show. There were many times where I felt like the writers were paying close attention to how fans reacted and treated us to references back to previous episodes. Sometimes I felt like I didn't know where this show going but looking back, it all makes sense now.

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Re: Go-Onger 50 released

Post by Aoiblue » Tue Feb 17, 2009 4:13 pm

I finally got to watch it, I liked it.
Go-onger was a pretty good series. Even though some people think its silly, I'm just glad there were alot of fights in it.
lol, I loved the "Passing of the torch" handshake we got there.

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Re: Go-Onger 50 released

Post by Silentwolfdog » Tue Feb 17, 2009 4:26 pm

PHurricane wrote:
Silentwolfdog wrote:Was there a cameo from Yogo in this ep? I know Kege appeared in human form, but since I can't hear Yogo and Kita, I do not know if they (VA) made cameo as well in human form, for some reasons I feel like they appeared because of certain lines.
Yes, Yogo 's VA is the man at the party that Hiroto is conversing with. He ends one of his comments with "nari" and then drawls "narina" as he walks away. Speedor, Buson, and Bear R's cameos were already mentioned. Speedor's surprised me a bit, because his human form cameo is really close to his reappearance in Engine form. I'd have to double-check, but I believe Gunpherd's VA is the detective that comes into Gunpei's office and Birca's VA asks about taking the pizza slice.

As for everyone else, I've read the following (which makes sense) but I can't confirm:
The other detectives are Carrigator and Kitaneidas.
Bomper is a customer (at the counter?) at the bakery.
Jumbowhale is also a guest at Hiroto/Miu's party, presumably the person that Yogo's VA goes to talk to when he walks away from Hiroto.
The male and female guard holding back Saki, Hanto and Gunpei are Toripter and Jetras.
Oh? Thanks! Now I'll go back and rewatch the ep again for those more cameos. It is a bit surprising that Speedor's VA is a bit cute.

I knew it got to be Yogo because of narina, deaf or not, it doesn't take much to figure out that he is Yogo because of "narina." :P But for others of course I can't tell.
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Re: Go-Onger 50 released

Post by SwordHero1 » Tue Feb 17, 2009 4:35 pm

While the final fight seemed rushed, it does leave more room for what happens to them afterwards, so I guess it was a good trade-off.

I like how they used other the Ministers and the Engines VAs as real people.

Gunman World? Perhaps that would be used in Go-onger vs. Gekiranger Movie? Or even the inevitable Shinkenger vs. Go-onger. :p

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Re: Go-Onger 50 released

Post by Sora124 » Tue Feb 17, 2009 4:53 pm

I really liked how everything came full circle in the final two episodes. All the first episode references:

- When I'm beaten, it just gets me even more motivated
- (And my personal favorite) The group Dragonball "Hoooooooooooooooooo!!!!" while getting up to face Yogo for the final battle

I loved this series, but I'm ready for Shinkenger. I can wait though, don't take it the wrong way :lol:

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Re: Go-Onger 50 released

Post by SiegeDragomon » Tue Feb 17, 2009 5:05 pm

They made it to level twenty, but rather then retire they changed the campaign to an epic level plane scape campaign.
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Re: Go-Onger 50 released

Post by shadowblade330 » Tue Feb 17, 2009 5:57 pm

After watching the whole series, it did not disappoint. It was different from the other sentai series, but was fun and enjoyable to watch. THX for subbing the series.

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Re: Go-Onger 50 released

Post by William_Duel » Tue Feb 17, 2009 6:14 pm

I'm not a usual sentai watcher, but I did watch Geki and parts of go-On. I can appreciate that Go-On is a series consistent with its themes. I wasn't much for the mech, but you know what I really liked? The villains. I mean, there were some crappy ones at times (the bottle guy...Binbanki or something? I dunno reference the Harry Potter episode) but a lot of the main ministers and villains had some really sweet designs. And you know they were the classic villains, the ones that go around bumbling and doing 'bad' but when everyone was in a pinch, they'd lend a hand (G3 Princess, which I love). They made this series stand out for me. Plus the girls were hot. :mrgreen:
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