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Akazukin Discussion

Post by Battra » Tue Sep 28, 2010 2:15 pm

An enjoyable series. Really liked how all those old fairy tales were rolled into one series. I'm really glad they didn't go to heavy into the current Magical Girl genre (Sailor Moon, Precure), and instead went for Magical Girl light giving Akazukin the only real transformation sequence with Princess Mode. Speaking of Princess Mode I enjoyed it it was a nice fit for Akazukin since it put her on the same level as Ibara & Shirayuki. I really enjoyed the OVA too, it had abit of a darker feel to it compared to the series & i'd like to see what Madhouse would've done if the chose to go with that storyline. Also enjoyed that special MV by Gretel's VA, thanks for subbing a enjoyable series.
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