Dice-O and Super Goseiger toys

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Dice-O and Super Goseiger toys

Post by takenoko »

GoseiKnight and Super Goseigers are pretty cool. I always enjoy the Dice-O promos
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Re: Dice-O and Super Goseiger toys

Post by Battra »

Looks like we've added a couple more team's to the line up that's nice was getting tired of Go-On, Shinken, & Gosei. Also do we have a Buredoran spoiler in the Dice-O promo?

Always like seeing the combing mech toys those are my favorites. Interesting seeing abit of a Changeman reference with the background dragon in the Super Goseiger's ad.

You know I never really noticed that the five headers on Gosei Ultimate form a face until they pointed it out in the demonstration, guess in the series your not really paying attention to it all that much except when they launch their final attack.
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