Gosei 50 released

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Gosei 50 released

Post by takenoko »


Pretty good, although it feels like the majority of the best fighting was in the last episode. I'm glad to see them use their wings and stuff

I have to admit that I was thinking that Burajira would destroy the world, and the Goseigers would end up using the forbidden End technique to fix everything. Although bathing the world in golden light works too

Hey, another series that uses the ending credits for the finale. I love it when they do that
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Re: Gosei 50 released

Post by Phoenix512 »

I swear that they quickly ended the fighting part very early compared to other Sentai finales. I was hoping that GoseiKnight, Datas, and Master Head had more of a role in the actual fight but didn't. So basically I wish for some more fighting but in all it was a decent ending.
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Re: Gosei 50 released

Post by Draiken »

When Alata was talking about why they had their Gosei powers, I was honestly thinking that maybe they would give up their powers to save the Earth. Wasn't too disappointed with how it turned out though, and it makes me wonder what they'll all end up doing while on Earth.
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Re: Gosei 50 released

Post by Catastrophe »

They need to hang around for the next crossover movie, possible Gokaiger as well.

I liked Burajira and his final play. Turned out that he still needed them to destroy him to kick off his big plan. I guess he didn't think they'd overcome it though.

Re: Gosei 50 released

Post by NeoStorm »

The fighting was rushed a bit, yeah. I will admit I did want to see more, but this ending's alright. Overall it is a decent series, and that it still could have done better. Also, not bad usage of wing-ness as well
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Re: Gosei 50 released

Post by DereklBarona »

I think Goseiger's finale did pretty much exactly what it was trying to do. When you think back on it, we got our big mecha fight with Burajira back when he was defeated during the Yuumajin arc, so I'm okay with them not doing it again.

The epilogue was a bit sappy, but overall this whole ride was worth it. It had ups and downs, but in the end, Goseiger has made me glad I started watching Sentai, and as my third fully completed one (Shinkenger, then very recently Geki are the others) I can say it never really disappointed me like I was expecting when it started. Looking forward to Gokaiger to keep it up.

Also, I really love the tag-in scene between Reds at the end of a Sentai. It gives you a feeling like, rather than one story ending, we're just moving onto the next chapter with a different set of heroes. Takes the edge off the feeling that this season's over, doesn't it?
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Re: Gosei 50 released

Post by windfall »

For some reason this finale left me with a different feeling than the finales of previous seasons. Usually I would pine for more time with a team, but this time I don't feel that longing for more episodes and adventures.

Anyways, I liked the effect of combining the civilian form roll call with the transformation sequence, but I do think it made it feel shorter and slightly less epic than the final roll calls of previous seasons. I guess their titles aren't exactly on the long side to begin with.

There wasn't anything unexpected from the ending; however I am disappointed that they didn't show us the Gosei world. I wonder what restrictions there are that prevent them from freely travelling to and from since the tower is rebuilt now. After a year, I would imagine that their friends and families would want to spend some time with them.
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Re: Gosei 50 released

Post by Dareon »

When I started watching Goseiger I wasn't expecting a whole lot but it's turned out really good. I think I figured out what tribe Burajira is. I think he's Seaick because he didn't use an orb when he used Camomirage where as he used an orb for his Skick and Landick Tensou techniques.
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Re: Gosei 50 released

Post by Mr Boo Boo »

thanks again TVNIHON for subbing Goseiger. This was probably my favor henshin sequences to date
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Re: Gosei 50 released

Post by Netto no Zen-Aki »

Not a bad series. I do have to say, I enjoy watching the subs and seeing the Red senshi 'tag in' for the next series is pretty cool. And like, Dareki said, it's not an ending per se, but turning the page for a new chapter with a new cast. And really can't wait to see how the Gokaiger work.

Another great Sentai series completed.

On a side note: not as dramatic of a Roll Call as the met-less Go-Onger, but still nice to see them strike their pose as their emblems show up.
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Re: Gosei 50 released

Post by Battra »

Good ending, kinda of predictable but it was nice seeing the action of the Gosei's kicking Burajira butt. The wings were a nice touch but I think Burajira's cg wings looked a bit more realistic compared that of the team and the obvious wire work that made it look like their flying, that kinda stuck out like a sore thumb.
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Re: Gosei 50 released

Post by markoclix »

I've gotta agree with everyone else that the fighting was way too short in this episode. The wings were a nice touch but I was kinda hoping for more of a transformation after they became full fledged angels. Oh well. Also, someone had made a mention of them using End to counteract Nega End, that would have been cool but alas it didn't happen. Not the best sentai I've seen to date, but it pulled together by the end. I think better characters would have made it all that much better but whatever. Can't wait to see what Gokaiger brings.
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Re: Gosei 50 released

Post by enthalith »

I didnt really like Gosei much, it was made more for the kids and there is not much realistic parts in the series until the very end. I wanted the Goseigers to sacrifice themeselves to save the world but apparently Gokai vs Gosei wont have that happen.

Gokaiger Thoughts

I'll be more enthusiastic towards Gokai, what i thought was a Decade sentai but even better, every single one of them can change to any other sentei members. Best part of it, they are the bad guys and they go like "Dude, we're pirates, we're meant to to be the bad guys, thats what we do." The cast for Red and Yellow totally fit the image of being pirates, i'll say Red is a pretty bad-ass pirate.
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Re: Gosei 50 released

Post by DrowningFishy »

You know the saying, "If you don't have anything good to say, don't anything at all." I am going to head that advice right now.
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Re: Gosei 50 released

Post by [cg]sasuke »

i was really disappointed in the ending and needs more epicness and desu-ness.
some part/epic/episode of the series are just like fillers.
we need a side story of burajira and goseiger green.
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