DaiRanger 39 released

As promised, we would restart this show when the DVDs are out. Well, they're out now
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DaiRanger 39 released

Post by takenoko »

Let nurse Ryou take care of you!

Mixed feelings about this one. Jin being a killer who couldn't help himself really wasn't very good, since Jin had no control over that aspect. I don't know if they were going for a mystery there, but it was pretty obvious what was going on. And while it was touching to see Ryou care for his rival, I really can't imagine the guy putting up with all that for a guy like Jin.

That said, it's a pretty fair way to kill off Jin. Dying in battle.

It's just a pity that Jin's stories are connected to Zaidos, the most silly of the commanders.
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Re: DaiRanger 39 released

Post by gantar »

Banned for major spoilers

ha ha

the image at the release post was epic lol
i think the POLL research on Japan about DaiRanger being the most favourite Super Sentai
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Re: DaiRanger 39 released

Post by Catastrophe »

That Bolivian army ending always gets me. I like Jin. Although, I like any character that Hirose plays. It's a shame he does no Toku anymore.
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Re: DaiRanger 39 released

Post by Massani »

Damn, Garouki looks like he'd be more at home in Garo than Sentai!

But ah, an all around good episode. DaiRanger's easily become my favorite Sentai, and I can't wait for more of it! Thanks so much for the recent bunch of episodes and, well, thanks so much for all of them!
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Re: DaiRanger 39 released

Post by AstonWave007 »

Yay for almost being finished with Dairanger. :D
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Re: DaiRanger 39 released

Post by Battra »

So that has to be the shortest ceasefire in history.

It's a little weird seeing Ryo nursing Jin back to health, especially since he basically wants to kill Ryo. Yeah having Jin be a "were" creature doesn't really work especially when he was already a killer to begin with, I think it would've been better to see him finish his fight with Ryo.

Did like the monster design for the episode very scary looking, though kinda disappointing that it had to be used this way.
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Re: DaiRanger 39 released

Post by Slowking »

The only thing bugging me with this episode was the complete absence of Kou. I mean, Rin possessing Byanko Shinken atm (shown at the end of episode 38) explains why Won Tiger could be summoned, but you'd think that Rin would be at least worried and not playing cheerfully in a park.

Otherwise, brilliant episode. Loved Ryou's attitude (he's one of the naive idealists in sentai and toku in general that come through as very convincing) and his interaction with Jin. Jin got a fitting death but at least most of us were wishing he wouldn't die, i.e. he sort of got redeemed by the end of the episode. I'm also satisfied with how Ryou appears to be much stronger now.
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