Episode polls?

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Episode polls?

Post by Lunchboxx »

I've really been enjoying the series polls you guys were doing, and it got me thinking; Why not do a poll for every episode of a series you guys are subbing? Even if it's a quick standard poll rating answers like:

* horrible
** poor
*** ok
**** good
***** great!

I'd really like to see what everybody thought about each episode that is uploaded in a generalized way if you don't have time to read through forum posts, or if some people don't really have much to post about, or just lurk.

What are your thoughts?

EDIT: Quick clarification, I'm not talking about ALL episodes of shows you've uploaded since you guys started, I'm talking about future episodes.

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Re: Episode polls?

Post by takenoko »

I sort of did something like that for a while. I guess it could be an interesting data point.
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