Puroresu Sentai Randorenja

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Puroresu Sentai Randorenja

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Ok I have been Meaning to get into Fanfics for a while and this looks like the best way to move in.

Currently I am Developing a Sentai centered around Puroresu or Pro Wrestling for the American folks. I have not made a synopsis as of yet but i have most of my Characters Developed.

I want to know what you all would think of a Sentai based on this idea.

For me i am surprised it has not been made yet. I mean Puroresu is deeply ingrained in Japanese Culture and is well loved by many.

I will post what I create when I create it here.

For Starters my chapter (episodes) will be called Falls (like pro wrestling 3 fall matches).
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Re: Puroresu Sentai Randorenja

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My Characters

My Sentai (read Names Japanese Way)

RandoRed: Mamota Reizo

RandoBlue: Hamada Takeshi

RandoGreen: Asai Jun

RandoPink: Inoue Asami

RandoViolet: Mita Kyoko

Support Roles: Trainers

Head: Inoki Hiro (trained Reizo)

2nd: Baba Yoshi (Trained Takeshi)

3rd: Sayama Kota (Trained Jun)

4th: Nakano Manami "Nami" (Trained Asami & Kyoko)
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Re: Puroresu Sentai Randorenja

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In 1950 vBoss Mac invaded with his evil Destruction order, eDo, to control the world, the hate and jeers of the people fed his power. One man was able to step forward and defeat him, the Great Rikidozan using the skill of Puroresu. vBoss Mac was forced into hiding. Rikidozan knowing that vBoss would return one day. To prepare for this Rikidozan trained hard and took challenger after challenger to strengthen himself. As time passed Rikidozan realized vBoss may wait till he was too weak with old age. With this in mind Rikidozan chose to train students to be able to combat vBoss. In the times of peace all but four students forgot vBoss and performed Puroresu only for the fans who cheers are what feed the power of Puroresu. The Four that remembered the purpose of Puroresu trained the next generation.

vBoss Mac has now chosen to return but on a grander scale of battle. Now five students of the true Puroresu must battle eDo and keep the world from vBoss Mac control, they are Puroresu Sentai Randorenja.
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Re: Puroresu Sentai Randorenja

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Fall One will be posted next week
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Re: Puroresu Sentai Randorenja

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Fall One
Answer the 10 Bell

Scene opens on a Japanese city full of people going on their daily lives. The scene focus on one small arena where we hear the cheers of people. As we go in we see two men in a wrestling ring performing a Puroresu match.

Old Man Voice Over: In Puroresu, mighty warriors meet in the ring to determine the strongest. These warriors can find strength to surpass their rivals. How can they achieve these powers? It is the cheers of the fans that give power and strength to become near super human. The cheers can revitalize the wrestler and power them to surpass their old limitations and achieve victory.

Scene focuses on a hooded man.

Old Man voice over: Some warriors could never achieve the cheers of the fans. They found another power that could rival the power of cheers. The Boos of fans drowning in hate fueled and powered them. One day a being was born from the hate. Its name was vBoss Mac. VBoss would find these warriors that fed on the hate and mold them into his own.

The scene zooms in on the man’s right hand where you see a tattoo, eDo.

Old Man Voice over:They were the Evil Destructive Order, eDo. After a reign of destruction a great hero who tap into the cheers of fans deeper than any man arose. He was the great Rikidozan. Rikidozan was able to battle back and forced vBoss’s eDo into hiding.

The hooded figure walks away while match continues. When the man reaches the exit he looks back at the match. The wrestler in red hits a backfist followed by a DDT and covers his opponent for a three count making the fans cheer.

Scene cuts back to the hooded man.

Voice off screen: so what do you think of our opponent?

Hooded man: He has potential but he is not worth my attention, yet. I’ll let you and Dad take the first act.

Voice off screen: You sure he will get that far?

A deep brown skin monster wearing red and yellow pants and boots. He is also wearing a black bandana with the eDo on it. He has blonde hair coming out of the Bandana, to go along with his blonde fu manchu.

Hooded man: We will see Ichiban Hulk. I will round up my warriors just in case. Good Luck.

Hulk looks back to the ring as the wrestler in red gets his hand raised.

Scene cuts to the locker room of the arena where the wrestler in red is finishing packing up his clothes.

Voice off screen: I am amazed you have this many fans yet never had a finisher.

The Red Wrestler looks up. An old man is standing in front of him.

Wrestler: Hiro-Sensei, why do you always get on my case about finisher.

Hiro: Reizo I have told you time and time again that every wrestler needs a finisher. It gives the fans more to cheer for. You know how important the cheers are.

Reizo: Yes Sensei I know. But the fans also cheer for my strike combos. I get plenty of cheers to battle.

Hiro: Ah but one day those combos will not be enough especially if vBoss Mac returns. Though it is unlikely.

Reizo: Sensei you are always saying that it is unlikely he will return soon, but you make it sound like he should be here already.

As Reizo finishes packing Hiro looks out a window.

Hiro: My Sensei’s Sensei was sure it would only be a couple of generations till he would make a move. Rikidozan was a very aware man and knew that evil does not rest easy. So he trained enough to keep the generations strong. Only five of us train to be sure the future is safe while the rest do it for glory or money.

Reizo: Hiro-sensei, it is true they ha e changed the focus but the guys do have legit power behind them.

Hiro: They lack focus. They only battle each other without wondering of being stronger than man. When I was in the ring.

Hiro stops as he came to a realization.

Hiro: Yu made me say it again.

Reizo: You have to admit it. You miss being in the ring.

Hiro: I am too old for that kind of thing now.

Reizo: Yes cause a 40 year olds NEVER step back into the ring.

Hiro inhales deep then sighs.

Hiro: Yes 43 years old for a normal time to stay in the ring for the show boats. But for a Randorenja you need to know when to let the next generation take over.

Reizo: Considering I barely pinned you in a training match weeks ago sensei I think you could handle them.

Hiro laughs.

Hiro: We will see if that is true enough if you battle them.

Both laugh and walk out of the locker room.

Scene cuts to far out in the ocean where a sky scraper looking stone raises out of the water. One the stone then image eDo on the side of it. The scene goes inside of the stone structure. The we see a desk made of black stone with a black stone chair turned away hiding the person sitting in it. Suddenly a voice starts talk from the chair.

Voice: So what opponents do we have on our card?

Ichiban Hulk walks into the room.

Hulk: A rookie is the only way I can state this kind of guy.

A silver skinned monster with black hair brushed to the left, dressed in a metallic black and gray suit as his body walks out.

Easy B: Well then we have an easy day the Jobas can handle simple rookie.

Suddenly a group of monsters that all look the same: half black and white face with a mask with black and white flipped that covers from their forehead to their mouth that makes it look like a helmet but the body is bright and multi-color tye-dyed prints.

Ichiban: He maybe right enough of them could….

The hand of the being in the chair slams down on the desk, scaring the Jobas and catching attention from Ichiban and Easy. The hand is metallic but is not fully mechanical.

Voice: You both are my highest Main Eventers and I trust your judgement but I underestimated these humans once with Rikidozan. I refuse to do it again.

The chair turns and we see a dark figure with electric blue eyes a dark blue suit, spiked gray hair. This is vBoss Mac.

Mac: Choose a warriror to attack with the Jobas. Make sure he is strong.

Ichiban and Easy nod their heads and leave the room as Mac turns around in his chair. The scene cuts to medium sized building. Going into the building we see a wrestling ring where Reizo is practicing basic falls that are trained. Hiro is watching on.

Hiro: All right that is enough.

Reizo stops after his last fall then walks to the corner pulls up a towel and dries his sweat with it.

Hiro: You know Reizo I have been thinking maybe we should expand on our group.

As Hiro says this an explosion is heard outside. Reizo quickly runs outside. Reizo sees an explosion in the distance and runs to it. Hiro steps outside. He looks towards the explosion.

Hiro: They have come.

Hiro rushes back inside the building. The scene cuts to Reizo who has arrived at the scene of the explosion. He sees various people being attacked by Jobas. He runs at one and takes it out with a leaping kick he hits another with a suplex. He leaps up to hits a third with a knee. Reizo looks at the people.

Reizo: Run and hide. I’ll hold them off.

The people run. Reizo rushes at the Jobas again and hits two with lariats. He gets hit with attacks from a trio of Jobas. The number attacking him grows to five and he is overwhelmed by the sheer number of enemies. Then eventually force him into an open area. Reizo is breathing heavy.

Reizo: Man this is harder than a match.

Suddenly Hiro yells for Reizo.

Hiro: Reizo, get to your feet!

Reizo looks over and sees Hiro holding something he can not see. Reizo gets to his feet. Hiro throws the item at Reizo. Reizo catches it. It is a glove/forearm guard combination.

Hiro: Use it to focus the cheers of the fans. You may not hear them now but you will when you wear it.

Reizo slides the item on his right hand. He closes his eyes and bows his head. He starts hearing the fans cheering for him to get up cheering for him to save them and win. He opens his eyes the item glows and turns to a red plastic look. Reizo puts it in front of him with his forearm vertical he places his left hand to the “Rando Changer.”

Reizo: Rando Change Strike

Reizo pulls down and he quickly changes. His body gets covered in a red spandex suit with a PSR logo spray paint designed across his chest. His gloves are padded like a mixed martial arts fighter. They are black with red fingers. The gloves mold into his suit. His boots are red and black wrestling boots. His helmet is red with a curved black street where his eyes are. The are various designs that make the helmet look like a mask in a owl design was painted in black on it. The spot for the mouth is just red like a wrestling mask opened around the mouth.

Reizo: RandoRed

Scene focuses on Hiro.

Hiro: I had hoped this day would never come. I trained you well. I hope it will be enough.

Reizo hollers then stars battling the Jobas again. This time not matter how many of the Jobas come at him he is able to fight them off. He sees a mass of them coming then he grabs his right wrist. It glows red.

Reizo: Rando Chop!

Reizo does a side chop then tosses out a red blade that cuts down all of the Jobas.

Reizo: Well they weren’t much.

Suddenly explosions happen around Reizo. He looks over and sees a seven foot tall monster. It has medium length jet black hair. Long black pant that flow into black boots. His body is colored a combination red, black, and white. His face is wolf looking but some human features are appartent.

Monster: RandoRed you call yourself. Well you can call me Ookii KN.

Suddenly Easy B and Ichiban Hulk to the sides of Ookii KN, The Scene focuses on Hiro.

Hiro: The Main Eventers?

Ichiban: Well Dude you are stronger than I thought.

Easy: Don’t give him that much credit so he beat some Jobas now he has a full challenge. Ookii be sure to crush him completely.

Ookii: So last man standing?

Easy: I like it go with it.

Suddenly a smaller monster comes out of nowhere. Its eyes are sunglasses. His body looks like a white suit with red and yellow highlights. His hair is light brown and molds into his head.

Smaller Monster: You want a Last Man Standing match? Let me get that!

Ichiban: Do it KuchiTaisa.

KuchiTaisa pulls out a Loud speaker.

KuchiTaisa: Last man Standing if you can’t answer the ten count you lose.

Suddenly a large red and black square falls and encloses Reizo and Ookii. Reizo quickly rushes at Ookii and hits him in the gut to no reaction. Reizo looks forward.

Reizo: What?

Ookii brings both his fists down sending Reizo to the ground. The he kicks Reizo sending him flying and crashing into the red and black barricade. Reizo gets to his feet and runs at Ookii going for a clothesline. Ookii extends one arm and Reizo is knocked down with the clothesline. Ookii stomps multiple times on Reizo multiple times then he reaches down and grabs Reizo by the throat and lifts him into the air.

Ookii: Is this all you can do? Such disappointment.

Ookii chokeslams Reizo to the ground. Ookii starts to walk away as Reizo reels in pain. Suddenly where start to hear a count.

Voice: 1…….2……

Ookii: This is all you can produce Earth? This is what you give for a challenge?

Voice: 3……4……

Ookii: This pathetic whelp can’t even hurt me with your pathetic cheers.

Voice: 5……6…..

Reizo gets to his knees and looks at Ookii.

Voice: 7……8……

Reizo: You are wrong.

Voice: 9…..

Reizo springs to his feet stopping the count.

Reizo: Even now I can hear it.

A lightly voiced rhythnmic chant of “RandoRed,” is heard. It starts to get louder and louder. Soon even Ookii can hear the chants.

Reizo: The fans give us power. When we are weak they give us strength. When we have nothing for the fight they give us the will to go on.

The chant of “Rando Red” has gotten loud enough for everyone to take notice, causing Ichiban, Easy, and Taisa to look around in confusion.

Reizo screams and glows red. Hiro look on with a smile on his face.

Hiro: Now you have the true power of the fan’s cheers Reizo.

Reizo smacks his right arm and red metallic armor covers his right hand and arm. Reizo immediately rushes at Ookii in a red blur and connects with a clothesline sending Ookii into the wall barricade which makes him hit the ground. Ookii gets up but is hit with a punch from Reizo. Unlike the first punch, this punch from Reizo forces Ookii into the wall again. Reizo then starts to through punches wildly at Ookii each of them is having a noticable impact on the body of Ookii. Ookii reels.

Reizo: Now to take you down.

Reizo grabs his right hand and glides his left from his hand to his shoulder. His arm glows red then he connects with spinning back fist to OOokii’s head then lifts him in a vertical suplex but drops him into a DDT instead. Reizo gets back to his feet. Ookii slowly gets to his knees.

Ookii: Do you really think that can finish me?

Reizo: No but my finisher will.

Shot cuts to Ookii close up.

Ookii: huh?

Shot closes up on Ichiban, Easy, and Taicha.

Ichiban, Easy, Taicha: What?

Shot of Hiro.

Hiro: So you found one that suits you?

Reizo grabs his forearm and an image of an Owl engulfs the arm. Reizo leaps up then comes down in a spin of red.

Reizo: Shinning Owl STRIKE!

Reizo flies out of the spin and connects with Roaring elbow to the kneeling Ookii causing Ookii to collapse while Reizo slides on his feet.

Voice: 1……2……3…..

Reizo walks away from Ookii going the other side of the black and red walled ring.

Voice: 4…….5…….6…..

Ookii tries to get up.

Voice: 7…….8…..9…….

Ookii gets to his knees.

Ookii: Now that was a finisher.

Ookii is engulfed by explosions.

Voice: 10! Winner RandoRed!

The wall disappears and Reizo lifts his arms in victory. Shot focuses on KuchiTaisa.

KuchiTaisa: Now problem with my Speaker I can bring him back stronger.

Suddenly a shadow and lightning strikes the ground and vBoss Mac shows up and stops KuchiTaisa.

vBoss: That is not needed yet KuchiTaisa. No sense if giving away the fun without promoting it.

Reizo and Hiro look at vBoss with shock.

Hiro: vBoss he has fully returned.

vBoss: Prepare yourself Randorenja. I may not be so forgiving in your next match. But that will be another time.

vBoss, Ichiban, Easy, and Taicha vanish. Scene shows Reizo looking as the vanish. Scene cuts back to vBoss’s tower. Ichiban confronts vBoss who is sitting beind his desk.

Ichiban: Why not let KuchiTaisa rise Ookii?

Ichiban slams his fists on the desk.

vBoss: That is why you are just a main eventer and I am the boss. I will not waste a valuable power on a useless opener such as Ookii. When the fighter is right I will unleash Taisa’s power.

Scene cuts to Hiro and Reizo walking back into their gym.

Reizo: That guy was tough. But I pulled out the win which means I can handle this.

Hiro stops before he reaches the door. Reizo opens it but looks back at Hiro.

Hiro: It is time we expand Reizo.

Reizo: What?

Hiro: You handled Ookii well but he was just an opener. There will be stronger. We will need help.

Picture focuses on Reizo’s face. It quickly cuts to a man practicing suplexes and holds dressed in blue. Scene cuts to a man in green practicing dives and flips. Then it cuts to women in violet and pink training; the woman in violet is using strikes and various submission holds while the woman in pink is using acrobatics for her attacks and reversals. The scene shows a split screen with all four then puts Reizo in the middle. Scene goes black.
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