Are Final Boss Kamen Riders Part of a Larger Problem?

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Are Final Boss Kamen Riders Part of a Larger Problem?

Post by CaptainTalon449 »

Gold Drive, Chronus, and Evol. Each of these riders are considered the final boss in the last arc of the season. Now for me while some of them could be cool they all have one major problem and that's they seem to really derail the story as we come to the finish. Is this a larger problem that needs to be addressed in future seasons?
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Re: Are Final Boss Kamen Riders Part of a Larger Problem?

Post by takenoko »

Maybe. But most Rider stories usually are weakest at the end. Maybe it's a bit of a problem with finding a way of constantly raising tension, drama, while also winding down to wrap up loose ends.

Since Sentai is a bit less serious than Rider, they're usually more successful with their endings. Just have a big explosion, and give everyone a good epilogue and you've got a success. If you're lucky, you get a Returns episode to wrap up loose ends. Rider endings tend to require more and without the Returns episode to wrap up things.
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Re: Are Final Boss Kamen Riders Part of a Larger Problem?

Post by Catastrophe »

But they've had success earlier in the post-Decade run. OOO, Fourze and Gaim all had final bosses that were prominent in the plot for a large part of the story and it worked well. Even W, who had Utopia/Foundation X come in after Museum was wiped out worked to a degree.

I think there are several issues with Ex-Aid/Build specifically that leads to this issue. The first is that because the final bosses are Kamen Riders, they need to push them earlier on in the run to sell toys and you get this issue were they need to asspull why they can't beat them. Its especially egregious with Ex-Aid because Muteki is literally invincible and Chronus kept coming up with bullshit ways to keep him going.

The other issue is that Build and Ex-Aid both really did away with MoTW after the first arc to focus on Rider vs Rider stuff. This leads to the issue where the good Riders only have the evil boss Rider to fight for the last 10 or so episodes. As much of a waste that the Horoscope boss rush was in Fourze, having powerful enemies that Cosmic could beat and not jobbing to Sagittarius week after week kept it more engaging.
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Re: Are Final Boss Kamen Riders Part of a Larger Problem?

Post by FangTrigger »

I feel like there's been trend going through tokusatsu lately where everything's getting dumbed down to a noticeable extreme. The last time I felt we had a complex and likeable Last Boss would be in Drive with Roidmudes. After that, it's as if everyone is evil for the sake of being evil and the writers have to constantly scramble to fill their quota, so they throw whatever they can at the higher ups which causes a bad final product.
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