Which Kamen rider series do you recommend?

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Re: Which Kamen rider series do you recommend?

Post by kyoichikiller90 »

Kabuto is a badass as Rider.. I recommend you to watch Agito
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Re: Which Kamen rider series do you recommend?

Post by LiLAsN »

Personally, for those who likes the Den-O series, you will confirm love the others in the series by these producers. Let's imagine there are 2 producing teams making Kamen Rider while one is airing and the other is making the next series.

That is why you will notice similarities in the Series such as Den-O having fights after travelling into someone's past with the train. And Wizard travelling into someone's heart and using his dragon to fight the enemy.

1) Personally, I'd recommend Den-O. seriously fun and surprisingly enjoyable.

2) Second that I highly recommend is Wizard. The epitome of Den-O with a confident rider and super stylish battles that will get you amped up. Fantastic Music and Kamen Rider skills.

3) Thirdly, I'd recommend Decade. Imagine I brought a friend to watch with me and he was hooked on Kamen Rider thanks to Decade which was the first show I let him watch. Fantastic music and Kamen Rider skills.

4) Fourthly, 000. Due to me and my friend watching Gaim after Wizard, which was created by the other team, it is no wonder the show was awful and painful to watch with the ridiculous transformation moves and annoying repetitive dances. My friend and I could not stomach watching 000. But you'll be sorry. You can see why Wizard was super good because the idea of Den-O and 000 combined. Thus, I recommend to give it a try though I do not like the transformation sounds and the outfit is bland.

5) Fifth, Build. Yup. This was the time that I enjoyed the opposing team's production. Fantastic music, fantastic transformation sequence and good humor and fights. Though towards the end of the show, they are unnecessarily dragging the last fight with Evolt. Nevertheless, this show will get you pumped.

Other shows I've watched are Ryuki. My 1st ever Kamen Rider series that I watched. Not recommended since it is quite draggy.
Second series that I watched was W. After watching Decade, W was a disappointment to me that made me stop watching Kamen Rider for a while. Music and transformation sound wasn't impressive at all.
Third series that I watched was Kiva. It tries to be funny. But the fight scenes were too little and and music is bad. Repetitive final attack too.
Fourth series that I watched, Gaim. The epitome of bad. The story is good but I hate the main character and the story at the beginning is too childish. And how the Kamen Rider was used as a dance off between groups was making Kamen Rider lesser than saving the world and more for personal vendetta of dance groups against other dance groups. And then finally fighting the bad guys.
Fifth series I watched was Ghost. It looks promising. Funny sensei but the transformation sequence was annoying and music was lackluster. Need to watch more to see if I can get into the series.
Sixth series I watched was Ex-Aid. First few episodes look so ridiculous, I can't bring myself to watch any more of it. But I believe it will be a good series so will plan to watch it soon.
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Re: Which Kamen rider series do you recommend?

Post by Mighty Action X »

Blade, Gaim, OOO, W, and Ex-Aid.
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Re: Which Kamen rider series do you recommend?

Post by hiro9796 »

Agito, Kabuto, Double, Fourze, Gaim, Drive and Build.
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