Ryusoulger 15 released

Another dinosaur Sentai???
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Re: Ryusoulger 15 released

Post by KRDangerousZombie »

Honestly, i can't even be mad at the dumb shit in this show when the action is so outstanding. Koh's fight where he took the spear from the enemies and when they all transformed and roll called in combat was so damn good.

Creon seems like he's building to a face turn for some reason though? not sure how i feel about that...
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Re: Ryusoulger 15 released

Post by Mxylv »

The action was definitely a step up from standard Sentai; I've got to hand it to Sakamoto on that point. I also tend to like (reasonably limited) exposition dumps, so the extra worldbuilding was nice; additionally, the new Druidon continues to feel more intriguing than the last one (even if he's probably just interesting rather than actually fleshed out), and Creon getting his own mini-arc is an addition that could (?) lead to some very interesting plot points.

With all that, it feels like I really should have loved this episode, though something in the execution must have been lacking--very little (if anything) here was emotionally resonant for me. I'm pretty sure it was either the "Oniichan"-calling younger-sister-as-plot-device giving me Kamen Rider Ghost flashbacks or the fact that the previous episode made the sixth ranger neither a pleasant person nor someone to be taken seriously? Skimming through the episode after the fact, it feels like a pretty strong entry, so I'm not sure why it doesn't hit me right.
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Re: Ryusoulger 15 released

Post by chronoxiong »

You know its a Koichi Sakamoto directed episode when you see the Sentai members fight before transforming. And see you his action directed tropes with the stunt doubles covering their faces. And some of the different camera angles he uses.
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Re: Ryusoulger 15 released

Post by Fat D »

HowlingSnail wrote:
Fri Jul 05, 2019 7:25 pm
Fat D wrote:
Fri Jul 05, 2019 12:57 pm
Another series that pretends there are magnetic monopoles.

Also, why do the Japanese seem to call the magnetic poles "N" and "S" when there are perfectly good Japanese words for north and south?
Because those words don't begin with N and S, which would go against every single magnet on Earth having "N" and "S" written on them.
I have never seen a magnet with textual labels outside of schematic drawings. Most magnets are either unmarked or color-coded.

I guess we should be glad magnets do not have east and west poles, or there would be significant confusion between Spanish and German magnets on which pole "O" is.
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