KR CM pack 2020 released

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KR CM pack 2020 released

Post by takenoko »


Quite an interesting breadth of commercials this time. This pack originally also contained the Girls stuff and the Corona message from Gaim, but that was clipped out for their own packs

A lot of CSM belts!

Check out the 555 actors promoting the Kaixa manga

Nakamura Yuuichi and Hello Kitty, a crossover we never imagined!

Bunch of Zero-One stuff. Loved the stop motion one

The best one has to be Amano promoting Garren. He just seems so real and down to Earth that it comes off as charming (at least to me). The brutally honest "I'm just a dude, and I portrayed some cool guys when I was younger"

Anyway, hope you guys enjoy these!
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