Go-Onger 41 released

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Re: Go-Onger 41 released

Post by Kogashi »

Kamen Rider Aranu wrote:Toriptor's a girl - remember when she didn't freeze when all the boys did?
... But Triptor did freeze.
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Saejima Kouga
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Re: Go-Onger 41 released

Post by Saejima Kouga »

And in this last episode, Toriptor wanted to be the "big brother" of what was in the egg. Aniki = big brother not big sister.
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Re: Go-Onger 41 released

Post by marthaba »

nice ep.. i never thought hiroto have that kind of face and the rest of the guys are shocked after they his goofy face..loved their reaction..lol

what we learn from this ep: eat your veggies to become a loudmouth....eeerrr i mean to be strong

i loved it when they tease miu and saki in the end

lol toripter a girl? :D
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Re: Go-Onger 41 released

Post by That Guy »

I'd like to hear the logic behind dispelling tornadoes with bullets and steam.

*crickets chirp*

That's what I thought.
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