KR Decade 23 released

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Re: Decade 23 released

Post by ShadowX7 » Sun Jul 12, 2009 6:44 am

LOL, let's just hope Tsukasa won't forget to ask about it again on the next episode...
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Re: Decade 23 released

Post by hotaru91 » Sun Jul 12, 2009 6:57 am

Haruka: His eyes looked like Junichi’s
That guy: Of course they did, they’re brothers you stupid woman.. LMAO

Jokes aside..


1. They didint want blade king form kickin the @$$ outta albino joker in this AU as well (*nostalgia*).. But wait.. Missing Ace was an alternate ending.. so this is the second "official" AU rite?

2. In Diend's world is where they abolish the Decade-gains-a-new-power-when-he-enters-a-world system, the last power would be complete form in nega world.. =/

3. I was thinking along the lines of Decade using Diend as final form ride to fight the albino joker as in, after he gains understanding of Diend and says "This might tickle a bit" *Final Form Ride, Di-Di-Di-Diend* and transforms into.. a gun? lol


Diend gains a Final Kamen Ride.. Guess not.. =/

4. Junichi is left there just like that? Gosh.. If only the Keroberos riders had Form Changes too.. Hmmm..


6. Hmmm, if Nega World had tiny Faiz reference (destroyed world without humans) and Ryuki reference (the dragonfly mirror monsters if not mistaken), then this world is Blade Missing Ace/Original series reference galore? (Keroberos Riders? Check. Original movie actors? Check. Lotsa roaches? Check. WTF Albino Joker. Check.) I only want to point this out here, cuz I thought the second half of this arc might have other Rider series reference.. Guess not..
(Unless someone can point out other references i missed?)

7. Wonder if there will be a Narutaki World? hehe
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Re: Decade 23 released

Post by KickHopper » Sun Jul 12, 2009 7:05 am

To everyone complaining about Tsukasa not bringing Blade out in this world, ever think that MAYBE they're trying to differentiate this world from Blade's world? Hence the lack of OPEN UP and MIGHTY sounds. I know it's a stretch to think that, but if you think of it from that stand point, it makes some sense.

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Re: Decade 23 released

Post by StagBeetle » Sun Jul 12, 2009 7:50 am

^ I agree that they want to differentiate it, but it would be kinda fun wouldn't it if Decade uses Blade, and the Kerberos riders make some kind of comment about it being familiar or something like that...

So it struck me, Decade hasn't used Kuuga final kamen ride yet right? Wonder how Yuusuke'll react if he sees a form he hasn't gained yet...

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Re: Decade 23 released

Post by archer9234 » Sun Jul 12, 2009 7:51 am

But everyone already knows all these worlds take place in AU. Whats the point in omitting sounds, etc. from devices that are identical functions to the OU versions. I wouldn't be surprised they didn't use the voice, so they didn't have to pay the guy. They have to re-record him like they did with Faiz. This episode was bland. It was basically a filler. What was the point of Yuusuke being brain washed. He could of stayed normal and just not interfered with the fight. The writers didn't allow him to change into Kuuga half the time. So why forcefully stop him now, for no reason. 14 was a waste of time. The powerful villain gets taken out in 3 seconds. At least Haruka didn't randomly die like every other ill fated woman (adult women) on KR.
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Re: Decade 23 released

Post by fatefullykinetic » Sun Jul 12, 2009 7:53 am

o_o So much effort into such a short boss fight. Sad.
What's the point in having poor Yuusuke around if they aren't gonna use him?

Next Ep = Epic.

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Re: Decade 23 released

Post by riderkicker » Sun Jul 12, 2009 8:01 am

Man, that Junichi is a prick. Our heroes save the day for him, and it turns out he was working for the roaches all along?

Aw well it was an okay episode. If only they could've pressed the issue of this world being a utopia more, since it emphasized that the individual is lesser to the society, something more expressed in Asian societies. People were brain-controlled so free will couldn't be a hindrance to the community at large.

It was a quaint setting, quaint enough for me to half-expect Yamada and Ueda to pop out of nowhere exposing truths and that garbage.

The eff? It took one finisher to destroy that giant monster? A shame DCD doesn't have the Castle Dran or DenLiner cards.
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Re: Decade 23 released

Post by wingform84 » Sun Jul 12, 2009 8:20 am

Not a bad episode.. but I was thinking though. Okay so the last world, the one where he got his complete form touch thing, was the nega world to their real world right? Which makes sense it would have monsters from all the worlds really, it would make sense there was a "rider" world too, after all they said there were THREE for every ONE, or at least that picture did. What if there were a world with no rider/monsters, one with rider/monsters where the riders win, and then the nega where its riders/monsters with monsters winning? Of course that would make this one.. Nega-Blade World, monsters won, defeated the original Blade/Garren/Lengal (I probably mispelled that too.) and eventually the other three poped up, but hadn't made any significant progress. After all it was like the movie, minus the company.
DrinkItDown wrote:As someone who despises Sentai in all of it's forms, I am so not looking forward to the next episode...
I'm really glad I'm not the only one! Okay so I don't hate sentai, I usually enjoy it a lot. I watched the first 11 episodes.. and then
ShinkenRed gets hit butt handed to him so he goes emo and runs away. What kinda leader is that? -_- it made me not wanna watch it anymore. I keep DLing the eps as they're released but every time I try to watch 12 and he's gone and emo and erm.. mentor dude (forgot his name) is being all ^___^ he'll be back
it just annoys me so much I can't watch it :XD: I feel I should just for this Decade episode though..

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Re: Decade 23 released

Post by solari » Sun Jul 12, 2009 9:38 am

We didn't even learn how Daiki got his DiEnd powers or how he managed to travel the worlds?

The new tapestry looks nice.
Iaatix wrote: One thing about Decade...there has been a lot more variety in location than most shows. It's been more than quarry-stadium-stadium-mall-under bridge-quarry-beach-quarry-stadium-field-stadium-stadium (they use that stadium a lot).
You forgot to mention the warehouses. lol Lots of fights start near the street or something, then suddenly end up in a warehouse.

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Re: Decade 23 released

Post by rizefall » Sun Jul 12, 2009 10:36 am

what a dumbass i am, have not seen it yet and ive read all this...
i dident think of it even tho it said "decade 23"

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Re: Decade 23 released

Post by Nihon_Rider_105 » Sun Jul 12, 2009 1:12 pm

Rider Tristan wrote:Might as well follow the trend.

I didn't even need the preview to guess what the next world was. That style? Those animals? Those kuroko? With that said, I'm curious about something. Will they link next week's Shinkenger to this in some sort of single-week two part? I kinda doubt it considering how the shows are on schedule. But I dunno.

There will be no Shinkenger next week.
It is just gonna be an hour long Decade episode

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Re: Decade 23 released

Post by kaemmerite » Sun Jul 12, 2009 1:54 pm

Actually that's not true. I don't think this needs to be put in spoiler tags but I will anyway, hopefully it's not rule-breaking to say this.

There was no Shinkenger due to golf this week, and Shinkenger believe it or not happens "ahead" of Decade time-wise, since Kaitou was shown at the end of Shinkenger 20 stealing Ika Origami, despite the fact DiEnd World hadn't ended yet.

Decade 24 was a regular half-hour episode, with no Shinkenger this week. Since Shinkenger is ahead of Decade, Shinkenger's episode next week (despite airing before Decade) will have happened AFTER Tsukasa's visit, with Decade 25 wrapping up Shinkenger World (which is weird that they're calling it that since it's ALSO the world of 30-some other Sentai teams, as well as the Showa era Riders, but whatever).

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Re: Decade 23 released

Post by Duval » Sun Jul 12, 2009 2:55 pm

Do we have a song title for the new one that was played during the DCD-DiE teamup?

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Re: Decade 23 released

Post by Iaatix » Sun Jul 12, 2009 2:59 pm

Nihon_Rider_105 wrote:This makes me exactly does Daiki get to other worlds?I mean Decade uses the photo studio but Kaitou just kinda....appears?
For what its worth, the answer to this is kind of in this week's Shinkenger episode. He uses the wavy grey curtain

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Re: Decade 23 released

Post by Dengar » Sun Jul 12, 2009 3:34 pm

Does this mean I need to download certain Shinkenger episodes to understand the whole story?

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