Rules revised (Nov 2012)

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Rules revised (Nov 2012)

Post by takenoko »

Use common sense. Act like a troll and people will probably call you out on it.

Don't ask when things will come out.

Also, don't ask for direct downloads directly after release, since they tend to come out on torrent first. Basically, just be patient. These links are mostly provided by fans, so yeah.

Don't spoil. That means don't talk about stuff that goes beyond the scope of the thread topic. Don't talk about the end of Kamen Rider 50 in the episode 12 thread for example. Another rule of thumb is if we haven't released it, then you probably shouldn't be talking about it.
Spoiler rules: viewtopic.php?f=1&t=8325

So what are spoiler tags for? First, if you use one, write a line describing what's underneath it. If I see a spoiler tag with no description, I'm just deleting the content.
As for what they're used for, use it for stuff like movie promos and trailers that are within the episode and next episode preview discussion. People also use them to cover up excessively large pictures.

Don't talk about other groups
This is mostly to avoid unnecessary drama. We don't care about what other groups do, so go talk about it somewhere else.

If you use a picture, don't hotlink it. Put it on an image site so that you don't waste the bandwidth of the original picture's owner.

Don't post mp3 links

Old rules link: viewtopic.php?f=1&t=391
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