Server downtime scheduled!

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Re: Server downtime scheduled!

Post by Silentwolfdog »

Ah, SK isn't picky, so gekiwaza you can be either one if you want.
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Re: Server downtime scheduled!

Post by Saejima Kouga »

c_c; Wow.

And what does that mean? Hmmm?
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Re: Server downtime scheduled!

Post by takenoko »

It seems we've safely made the move. The new ip should be:

If you can't access the page, use this. And if you can see this page, you don't need to know this. It'll take some time for the domain to propagate, so be patient. Also please jump back on the torrents and seed, all that stuff was killed in the move XD

Also, if you live in a state using daylights saving time, please make sure you have DST on in your profile, or all the time stamps will be off by an hour like in my situation.
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Re: Server downtime scheduled!

Post by Quatrerwin »

According to our domain registrar it takes about 48 hours on average for it to completely propagate.
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