Princess Jellyfish 06 released

Otaku girls and crossdressing princes.
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Princess Jellyfish 06 released

Post by takenoko »

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Alt title - Shuu is the Key to Victory

Last week's ratings: 4.83 (6 votes)

I really liked this episode, because one of my favorite characters, Shuu, is a key player in this. I just love the constant bowing and the way he and Tsukimi really get each other. And it's nice to see him help Tsukimi in ways that Kuranosuke can't, as well as showing that a person like him can be a valid romantic lead.

I don't know about a Japanese person in Indian face for Nisha though. Like akihabara@deep had actual Indian people in it. I miss her pervy brother, Nisha seems just blunt without the comedic bits around her character.

Can't believe they got Shuu's actor to wear the jellyfish dress, even if it was part of a delusion.

Other good things
-Young Shuu and Kuranosuke!
-Tsukimi and Shuu under the table
-Kuranosuke just constantly messing with his dad

But Inari, why ping pong? Is this an inside joke?
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Re: Princess Jellyfish 06 released

Post by Lunagel »

Nisha is kinda on the uncomfortable side of racist for me. There's got to be at least one Indian woman in Japan who speaks passable enough Japanese to work for this role. It's not quite Mickey Rooney in Breakfast at Tiffany's but it's still ehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Bit of a limping episode for me after the high of the show last episode. Kinda want to know if they had two scenes filmed for Chieko's mother cause she mentions Hanyu winning gold and that only happened in real life 2 days before the episode aired.

Hanamori awesome as always.
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