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Read before posting - Good posting etiquette

Post by takenoko » Sun Jan 20, 2008 3:22 pm

These aren't the hard and fast rules, but if you abide by these tips, people will find you a lot more tolerable.

1) Obey the rules for one thing

2) In a large group, you're going to meet people who have different opinions, beliefs, morals than yourself. Try to be tolerant of each other and try not to burn any bridges. Your enemy today can be your friend tomorrow, and vice a versa.

You can define your friends and foes from the user control panel. If there's someone that you find absolutely intolerable on a personal level, the foe list is equivalent to the ignore list. Please don't bother moderators about posts you find offensive unless you think it'll bother the forums as a whole.

3) Please try to be reasonable with your avatar and sig sizes

4) If you're the last poster and you want to post again, just use the edit button. Please don't double post

5) Try to not go all anxious and bug the staff about when stuff will be released. Stuff gets released as soon as it's possible. And don't ask us if stuff is cancelled. You should be able to tell that from the way we organize our forums

6) This is a fansub group for TN, not a "let's talk about any group that's around". If you're here, you're expected to talk about our subs (not other group's subs, what, are you trying to pick a fight or something? :p) or raws (no one cares that you saw the raw, you're not that interesting)

7) Try to use good judgement when posting youtube or streaming stuff. If there's a good chance that we're subbing it, don't post the raw of it. If you're posting our subs, we do not allow people to link to those reencodes on this site. The direct download forums has a list of its own rules

9) There is no tip 8

10) You can show our subs and post it in other places, but, don't profit off of it and don't link to streaming stuff here. You can use my scripts (takenoko) for translations into subs for other langauges as long as you give tv-nihon credit, but don't ask for scripts, I don't give them out, and same rules about no advertising and profiting

11) Try not to inform people that you're "downloading it now", really, no one cares. What are people supposed to say in response to that?

12) Try not to make posts that are just totally worthless to read or just randomness to fill up space. Also, one thread about what item you'd take to a Rider war is okay, but one in every forum thread is a bit overkill.

13) I know not everyone is a native English speaker, which is fine. But please try to use capitalizations and punctuations to make your posts more readable. Also, make new paragraphs so that rants don't become a wall of unreadable text.

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