MegaRanger 15 Released

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MegaRanger 15 Released

Post by jonty »

Why are you touching me, idiot?!

I've had to utter that phrase fewer times than I'd like to admit! In this episode of MegaRanger...
...Shun helps out an old friend, but the DigiKen is in danger! How will Kouichirou's underwear get in a bunch this time?
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Re: MegaRanger 15 Released

Post by Phoenix512 »

This episode of MegaRanger seems familiar to me.

Genius school being taken over by enemy - Checked
The Blue member is central focus of the plot - Checked

Yes, I remember this episode now. It was Sailor Moon but Shun isn't a girl though.
Saejima Kouga
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Re: MegaRanger 15 Released

Post by Saejima Kouga »

I like how they can't even attempt to start their project without Shun.
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Re: MegaRanger 15 Released

Post by Battra »

Hey there's something you don't see to often in this genre is the team or a member of it coming up with a new weapon on the fly to counter the enemy nicely done.
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Re: MegaRanger 15 Released

Post by IijumiSoukai »

That owl popping up on the screen made me think Shun's friend tricked him into looking at a "Screamer". :lol: :lol:
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Re: MegaRanger 15 Released

Post by Aidid_Nuva »

is the principle shitari? he sounds familiar
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Re: MegaRanger 15 Released

Post by PHurricane »

I thought this was a pretty enjoyable episode, although I still understand why Kenta's so proud about not being smart that he would boast about it. Silly Kenta.
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