Kyouryuuger 41 released

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Kyouryuuger 41 released

Post by takenoko »

Kind of a mecha orgy episode with a small Ucchii plot. Kind of just okay I guess, despite Ucchii overcoming the stuff in his past. It's just been so long since his origin episode that it seems like he got over that already?

Poor Dogold, seems like he's losing himself. Although, it seems pretty silly that he's going after Daigo's dad of all character. Dantestu has been so elusive that he's almost a non-character. I mean is the guy dead or something or what?

Last week in the preview, the last thing the narrator said was Gekokujou by itself.
Gekokujou 下剋上 (n) juniors dominating seniors, retainer supplanting his lord
With no context for it, it was pretty hard to come up with a pithy translation for such a standalone word. But Dogold using it at the end here makes sense.

So Dogold's plotting. And Candelira and Luckyuro might be swaying on the side of good. Could these three break off to fight against Chaos and Aigallon (Where's he been lately anyway?)
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Re: Kyouryuuger 41 released

Post by Yaiba »

That's how to make a standard Christmas episode awesome

Dogold's plan is clever, splitting up everyone and making it so that Daigo cannot use Carnival

So Chaos knows. And Endolf is starting to take over.

This episode isn't about the Mechas like the preview suggested or even the Kyouuryugers, it's about Dogold plotting to usurp and starting to lose himself to Endolf. Seems like Dogold is going to be the mini-boss before the final finale.

Mecha fights are alright I guess. But you can't expect much with those bulky suits.

I really want to know what Daigo's dad's take is in all these
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Re: Kyouryuuger 41 released

Post by PHurricane »

This episode was chock full of callbacks. That was a big reason why I did not think things were going to end well when Ucchii dove into Dogold’s portal. I’m glad I was wrong, especially since we got to hear Gold’s awesome theme song again. It’s interesting how the loyalty of all the Deboss generals are coming into question - well, except for Aigallon, but that’s mostly because he’s been amongst the missing. Should make for an interesting end game.

One more point about Dogold - his plan was really clever, but they never really explained why he was so intent on targeting Red. Was it just to take out Carnival’s user? It almost seemed too personal, unless that was supposed to be another sign of Endolf influencing Dogold.

Hey, looks like Dantetsu might be relevant beyond serving as a Silver red herring. Yay? Depends on what they end up doing with him. Hopefully not just another in a line of hosts for Dogold.

I guess I never realized that having the Christmas episode equals all mecha being used, but in hindsight it’s happened enough that it’s essentially a tradition.

The other thing this episode made me realize was how much I miss Minityra bouncing around the battles. Daigo has been going straight to Carnival Mode, sometimes without even the stock footage of him transforming. I get that doing the CGI for Minityra is probably not cost-effective, but it was still a lot of fun to see him participate in the fights.

And some CM comments:
-Man, that Toei Hero World looks really neat. Is that a permanent attraction?
-The box for that Shinkenger Blu-Ray is gorgeous.
-I’m not really a Pokemon person, but it’s adorable that they took the letters from the most recent games and turned it into “Xmas” and “new Year” for a holiday advertisement.
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Re: Kyouryuuger 41 released

Post by RyuShinEX »


which show is that at the bottom right of cover pic? ty.
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Re: Kyouryuuger 41 released

Post by Kamen Rider Ookalf »

RyuShinEX wrote:/random

which show is that at the bottom right of cover pic? ty.
I think that's actually Gipsy Danger from Pacific Rim.
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Re: Kyouryuuger 41 released

Post by ChibiZyuJin »

Somehow I knew Dogold would lose himself to Endolf at some point.

Chaos, your body can't endure Deboss.

Still nearly the most devious plan in this season.

Ucchi and Kings battery swap should occur more often.

Where is Aigallon? I want to see his berserk form(black tears one)


Yeey! More Canderila

Dogold's up to something. Wonder how he will be nearly successful


Shinkenger on blu-ray... If I had the talent I would sub the blurays... But it wouldn't be as good as TV-Nihon releases...(I still want blurays sthough...)
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Re: Kyouryuuger 41 released

Post by Galada »

Whoa, what an accelerated episode. In a moment Souji and King are changing, in the other they're controlling the raiden Kyoruijin with a six-people team. I know this series is fast paced and intense, but sometimes it kinda gets in the way.

I dunno if Tobaspino it's just too overpower or if the clone that King fighted was weaker than the others, because his battle ended much faster than the others. But I kinda liked the all-around-the-world all-out fight, I wished they could it more often. And they even had time to develop more on Ucchi and Dogold with his Endolf problem. Very cool. Overral, this is was a awesome and fun episode. And it's even a two-part! Not your usual Christmas special, I see. Nice.
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Re: Kyouryuuger 41 released

Post by JujinSan »

i think its safe to say that business is starting to pick up as we hit the end game for the season. Dogold plan to usurp power from chaos is rather cunning and interesting. daigos dad seems to want to appear whenever he wants to or when the plot says its convenient for him to show up. endolf is starting to seep through dogold's anger and its actually kind of funny. almost like a split personality if you will and chaos knows which could complicate things.
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Re: Kyouryuuger 41 released

Post by Kamen_Rider_Shiki »

My head hurts... is what I'm not saying by watching this episode. First off, I called it; I knew Chaos knew the truth about Endolf, and that he would begin taking over Dogold. He's been slowly getting smarter in his plans as time passes.

It's nice to see Torin keep up his promise to train Souji in his techniques. Guess he's finally starting to get out more.

Luckyuro mailing that letter; I expected it so much.

This has been a great year for tokusatsu fans; Pacific Rim, Gaim, Kyoryuuger, and Garo. Next year will be even better.
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Re: Kyouryuuger 41 released

Post by ChibiZyuJin »

If you mean by next year, the next sentai; well I'm not expecting much. Still, seeing the last 2 sentai's terrible starts and go-busters near perfect second half(and kyoryuugers really good comedic pace ofc) I'm not hopeless.
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Re: Kyouryuuger 41 released

Post by JonSilver »

Wow, this episode was awesome! Dogold's plot was quite possibly one of the most complex I've ever seen in a Toku. It never even occurred to me that having Gabutyra out would stop Daigo from using Carnival. I just loved everything about the ep. ...except the math, but I LOLd when they made fun of it too. So I guess the combination of the 3 other Yanosantas is gonna be... 345 times more powerful! ...or potentially 543 times more powerful! LOL
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Re: Kyouryuuger 41 released

Post by Catastrophe »

The thing that pisses me off with this Endolf thing is that it was implied when he absorbed him he would suffer, but they just cram all this forshadowing into this episode rather than gradually building up on it.
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Re: Kyouryuuger 41 released

Post by JustiFan »

Heh, I love that Luckyuro throws the old Love Touch to the floor, then immediately picks it up again and dusts it off. So sweet! :D
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Re: Kyouryuuger 41 released

Post by DekaBreak »

I'm a bit sick of the usurp plot line. Heck, that's been the case for years! Buredoran, Enter, now Dogold. Even Waruzu Giru was trying to take the throne by being a good son… The last one with no 'usurp' plot was Shinkenger. It worked fine, with the mini-boss being Juuzou and the Akumaro (but he wasn't out to replace Doukoku) The non-usurp endings have been around since the beginning in the 70s, yes, but seeing them come every year makes it dry.

Definitely felt less like the "mecha mashup" episode from previous years, with Dogold separating Daigo from the rest and losing his control over Endolf. Maybe it's because Go-Busters outdid itself on its mecha war last year. Well, I'm hoping for a 3 way battle between Ucchii, Dogoldf and a revived Endolf like we had in Shinkenger Act 11. Dantetsu, you keep showing up whenever you're of absolute importance, but what us your true purpose in the grand scheme against Deboss? Ok with this we get the "last 9 eps" feel, but his presence negates any sense of reaching closure. Then again, GB's mecha mash was in Ep 44, but Kyouryu has finished it 3 eps faster.

Well, as the end approaches, I'll bid them farewell with a smile. A nice team, but not one I'd miss.
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Re: Kyouryuuger 41 released

Post by toni2212 »

Catastrophe wrote:The thing that pisses me off with this Endolf thing is that it was implied when he absorbed him he would suffer, but they just cram all this forshadowing into this episode rather than gradually building up on it.
I think it was implied early after Dogold obtain Endolf's body. Candellira pointed it out in the episode where Yuuko smashes King with a barrel (and then with Chaos placing Dogold in charge while he's away). The implication kinda stopped a bit since Sanjo needs to make way for 10-man roll call, etc. He can't keep putting it in every episode.

Well, this implication is at least better for now than, I dunno, the creation of Delta Megazord in Go-Busters. They keep building on the threat of Delta only to have it destroyed in its debut by Jin's Megazord...........
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