Ultraman Dyna 48 released!

...as in "Dynamic"?
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Ultraman Dyna 48 released!

Post by xiiliea »

Wiki: http://wiki.tvnihon.com/wiki/Ultraman_Dyna_48
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Musashi's father from Ultraman Cosmos: The First Contact plays a guy named Musashi.

How many times does Earth have to explode?

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Re: Ultraman Dyna 48 released!

Post by takenoko »

Wait, so they don't always kill the kaiju???

That family sure is alright with having this alien guy replace their husband/dad considering they don't know if he killed the guy on purpose or not.

Oh wow, this story had two writers? I was impressed by the complexity and thought that went into this story. Not only was the alien guy dealing with the family aspect, but the story about just being a scientist and just being an expendable soldier who was just following orders. Kind of neat considering they didn't have to do that work.

Also Kyomoto Masaki was in this episode, and that guy's always a trip.
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