KR Saber 11 released

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KR Saber 11 released

Post by takenoko »

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Last Week's rating: 4.27 /5 stars (15 votes)

Fan Sub-title: I want the truth! You can't handle the truth!

Honestly kind of a filler episode. It seems like Calibur and Sophia were gonna spill some truths, but Kento interrupted

Was worried about Rintarou, but I honestly don't think this series has the balls to kill him off. Too bad, I like him, but that would have been an amazing tone shift

Whose roof are they always on? I don't think it's Touma's store, as luna points out they're different. So where are they? Just the Toei roof?

Once again I feel like Mei's actress is wasted on this role. She looks amazing in this episode though
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Re: KR Saber 11 released

Post by BreadToku »

I never like any villain whose motivation is wrapped up in cryptic mystery like this. I don't find Calibur's weird talk about the truth to be intriguing, it's just boring because I basically know nothing about why this guy is doing anything. Horobi might have been one-note too but there was little need to explain (he didnt like humans and wanted them gone). ...His new form is really sick though, love that suit, but I hope his first form still makes an appearance later on like Zangetsu's did.

Kento continues going down a dark path! I'm certain he's gonna lust for power at some point, and eventually will need Touma to knock some sense into him. Rintarou will take up 'best friend' role in the meantime.
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Re: KR Saber 11 released

Post by Catastrophe »

Kentos angst this episode is bit much. It's like they can't decide between him being angry his dad was a traitor or angry that this guy killed his dad. I don't really like Caliburs new form either. His original one looks much nicer and the transformation jingle is way too long.
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Re: KR Saber 11 released

Post by Dante ShadowRoadz »

It does feel a bit like filler, but it also feels like the most consistent out of all the episodes at the same time? Not really sure how else to put it. It does give more of a feel however like the season is being hyper-compressed, this character 'arc' with Kento feels like it should have been a lot longer to develop, and we're still barely learning anything about Rintarou to feel anything with the risk of him getting axed. Calibur's fixation on truth is probably going to be something esoteric and nit-picky in the end, I'm getting that vibe from how monotone he is.

Sophia feels really under-utilized as a character. She feels like she should be playing a mentor/leadership role but she's being used more as a living plot device in waiting. I hope she doesn't go as far as ending up a living MacGuffin for something in the evil grand plan.
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