Komi Can't Communicate 03 released

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Komi Can't Communicate 03 released

Post by takenoko »

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Last week's rating 4 / 5 stars (2 votes)

LOL at Tadano and Manbagi being the worst spies

As usual the best comedy beats are taken by Katai. The drama stuff with Manbagi was fine. I'm not loving this portrayal of Najimi. Najimi in the manga is so naturally charismatic and genuinely energetic. I think this actor or the writing done for his adaptation just feels very forced. Like you almost get the sense that Najimi is kind of a dick in the drama

More comedy, less drama please D:

I started reading Komi manga volume 10 today. To my surprise, this is the first volume that introduces Manbagi. I don't know if they read the manga and decided Manbagi would be the best choice for adapting to a drama, or if they just picked her because she was more recent. It was kind of nice for Tadano to have someone to talk to besides Najime
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Re: Komi Can't Communicate 03 released

Post by Lunagel »

Honestly this show just frustrates me more than anything. I haven't read the manga, but I can tell that there's clearly more heart behind the show than is actually shown *in* the show. It's like they were so focused on making a heart-wrenching drama, they forgot what actually makes the source material shine. And that's a massive bummer.

Some other things: Moving way too fast. The whole thing with Manbagi's makeup went from 0 to 100 so fast I didn't get any emotional payout from it. Same with Katai, suddenly he and Tadano are friends and it's just not shown very well. I don't understand Najimi's character at all, he just seems like a complete dick.

Production nitpicks: Komi's extensions are distracting, and particularly bad/noticeable in the scene on the hill. The outdoor scene slightly before the hill had the absolute worst sound quality I've ever heard from a tv show. It was so badly adjusted to tone down the cicadas (which, to be fair, are deafeningly loud in the summer) that the dialogue sounded like it was underwater. I'm just aghast that they didn't re-dub the scene, especially since the broadcasting station, NHK, is usually fantastic in terms of quality. WTF happened here, did a preproduction cut accidentally make it to air?

I liked the first episode a lot, but the sharp drop in quality is very disappointing
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Re: Komi Can't Communicate 03 released

Post by Dax »

Still continuing to watch. I like that the friend group is forming. At this point, I think I'll read the manga when the drama is done because otherwise I'm gonna be annoyed when I watch the show.
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