Komi Can't Communicate 05 released

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Komi Can't Communicate 05 released

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Last week's rating:

Why is so much of this episode blue?

I just finished reading this story last week, so for once I'm ahead of the episode with the manga. This is definitely a better storyline than last week's, but it's not exactly my favorite out of the series. It just feels like they're just going off the most recent manga volumes regardless of quality

In the manga, Ase is constantly sweating, which is her funny character trait (Ase means sweat). Halfway through this episode and we still haven't really had much of a sweat joke from her... Oh wait, maybe this bathroom scene addresses it

Oh I see. All this is in the manga, but the comedy bits are almost completely downplayed to focus on the drama. Seems like that's the one trick this adaptation brings to this series

Is it my encoding or is there something wrong with the aerial shots of the school?

Okay that's different. In the manga, the bad photo was turned into a more intense, scary poster for Isagi. Here, it's a lot more silly.

Got to admire the actress playing Isagi. It can't be easy playing such an uptight character

Oh, interesting. The Manbagi/Tadano boyfriend thing is one of the discarded plotlines from the beach plot. Actually Manbagi and Tadano, to no one's surprise, are a lot funnier in the manga. Since Manbagi has a crush on Tadano, but can't deal with it, so she's always snapping at him. Maybe that'll come out with this next story arc?

Points this week for not actually annoying me. Just being a bit on the slow drama side
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