Komi Can't Communicate 07 released

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Komi Can't Communicate 07 released

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Last week's rating: Tadano and Komi so awkaward

Kind of a funny joke in the captions. The girls that Komi is sitting with are named Biiko and Shiiko (Girl B and Girl C)

LOL Tadano put the bandaid on the wrong part

I feel like this last arc is totally made up for the drama. I'm caught up on the manga and there's nothing like this. Also, it's weird that Izayoi and Ase have been absent lately, since it seemed like those two would be taking Katai-kun's place. But I guess Naruse has taken their place??? It's just weird since the strength of the manga is all these iconoclasts clashing and bouncing comedy beats off each other. With this truncated cast, it's got a lot less stuff to do

What happened to the onscreen text? Did they just not give the actress instructions to hold the pad up so the audience could see for the first six episodes so they fixed it in post?

Najimi rushing after Manbagi to stop Manbagi from looking in the notebook, which causes her to look in the notebook... Good job there Najimi

While I think a lot of the charactesr come off as worse off in the drama, I think Manbagi is pretty good here.

Who knew that dumb nonsequitor from the last episode would come back. Also Naruse is pretty sad

Do you know how sometimes Adam Sandler films a movie just to have an excuse to take a vacation with a bunch of his friends. Is this show a secret excuse for the crew to go to the beach and goof off with fireworks? Hit all the branches of the trope tree on the way down, live-action-Komi

Edit: If you thought Midorikawa looked familiar, she's played by Kinoshita Ayane from Ultraman R/B https://wiki.tvnihon.com/wiki/Kinoshita_Ayane#Work
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