KRW 47 released

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KRW 47 released

Post by takenoko »

The doujin jokes continue

I think that W is going to have an amazing ending, personally. Like it's been a while since I felt so invested in the characters such that the dramatic tension going on at the end makes me kind of afraid for what will happen to them. I'm going to go ahead and say that I think W started off kind of unassuming and turned out to be quite the gem
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Re: KRW 47 released

Post by garfield15 »


Yup, she's from Ultraman Gaia.
Thank you TV-Nihon for the release

(This way I don't have to write it every time and I'm still showing appreciation!")
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Re: KRW 47 released

Post by lonegamer7 »

Her English pronunciation on "Charming Raven" and "Never" is quite perfect, but "Museum" and "Memory" is pronounced a bit more Japanese-y and her pitch (tone?) on "Kazu" is different as well.
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Re: KRW 47 released

Post by Phoenix512 »

So Utopia can be only defeated by an emo? That's just ridiculous for a Memory to be that powerful and for Ryuubee to give it to a non-Sonozaki. I really hope there is a way that Philip will live afterwards but I don't know at this point. It's getting exciting though.
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Re: KRW 47 released

Post by Skiks »

He had to give the very foundation he was getting help from something. I assumed he just figured they wouldn't hinder his plans. Besides that memory is probably useless to him as mentioned before memories are given to those who can synch with them.
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Re: KRW 47 released

Post by m4rc0 »

I liked this episode. As I was hoping, Kazu's dopant is totally bad ass. But the desing isa bit generic compared to the flashy dopants we had in the series.

I like how he makes people float just to drop them XD

I also like how the woman from hefoundation also has an eccentric habit.

I was disappointed at the motocycle race. I was hoping that it would be longer and have some excitement. At least I got to see Saeko in that motorcycle suit.

So, Phil is going to fade... I wasn't expecting that. Sure, after I discovered he was a zombie it crossed my mind, but the show has twisted logic with Shotaro so many times... Maybe in the end he gets to survive.

I liked the action in this episode, it was very good.

I'm guessing the last episode will be an epilogue, like in Hibiki. They'll probably end 48 with a cliffhanger, end the battle in the beginning of 49 and have the rest as th epilogue.

I wonder if Wakana will be Shota's partner after Raito dies. It would be cool. I'd also like to see Saeko as one of the Irregulars.

Re: KRW 47 released

Post by NeoStorm »

Yeah, 47 was really good this time. I was surprised that Philip was gonna dissapear after the next henshin. Plus the last few eps of W completely changed my look on the series. So I will say that this series deserves my applause. But hopefully 48 will have a real good ending to this. Now I have one more series to add on my sentai/kamen rider toy buy list...if I can find money that is XD

Anywho, Thanks to all of TVN for their great work in advance. And hopefully continue to be great in the future ^^
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Re: KRW 47 released

Post by Rider Tristan »

Oh man he really does drop his gaia memory. Though it kinda just floats around and into his driver but still.

Anyhow, it seems even everything after Terror so far doesn't disappoint. As Takenoko said, the ending is looking great so far and seems like it'll follow through. Also, Utopia is looking pretty interesting. I was thinking at first that it just seemed like some sort of generic final strong opponent with little explanation, but using the power of an opponent's hopes is certainly fitting for a Utopia memory.

Now if they just had a line like "You may draw from the power of hope, but I'm hopeless!" Or something like that, I'd be set. Wouldn't work with Double though, so we'll just have to see what happens...

By the way, the Foundation X info is quite interesting... I won't say anything, but when I did read a bit of it I noticed how funny the wording was.
"It encountered a very interesting sample as a research thing while investigating now."
Research... thing. Such a hilarious combination of words on such an official report.
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Re: KRW 47 released

Post by Catastrophe »

It's a shame that Ryu gets his ass kicked in the first episode of an arc yet again. I'm thinking they want him completely incapacitated and the fight against Utopia is just W.
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Re: KRW 47 released

Post by victorstillwater »

So Kazu has been practicing his Utopia henshin sequence all this time?!

That goof!

I look forward to the battle in the next episode. :D
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Re: KRW 47 released

Post by Catastrophe »

Also, Foundation X lady has medals on her phone thing. An attempt to tie these series together?
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Re: KRW 47 released

Post by HIDragonstar »

Really looks like this will be an epic ending to this series. It seems that they just keep ramping it up more and more.

Hearing Phillips' request, just made my heart drop. I know its very unlikely, but I hope there is SOMETHING that can be done to save him. At the same time, if he goes it will make me sad, but I will still be very satisfied because I know one thing, he will have a very Heroic Ending.

Seeing Shoutaro begging in front of Shroud, also brought a tear to my eye. This show has been an emotional roller coaster from the beginning. Man, I don't know how they can top this now, but with more episodes to come I'm expecting it to be kick ass.

Hmm... Raito is actually data, but the way Shroud disappeared, I wonder if she is a 'spirit' also.

Umm.. I was just wondering now...
Consider the following.... t
The small 'Foreshadowing' of the weapon that 'failed'. (Looks like a tie-in for the next)
The remarkable similarity of Foundation X's emblem with that of the Dai-Shocker Emblem.
The similarity of Masquerade dopants, and the Dai-shocker basic cannon fodder.
And (shudder) how Decade pulled all of the Rider Worlds together.

Is Foundation X going to be like Shocker of the old? They seem to be pulling strings behind Museum.
The have tons of money they throw into their projects (if you looked closely $43,250,000,00 and $35,000,000,000).
I wouldn't mind seeing bit of the old 'evil organization' with some history behind it like the Shocker Lineage.
m4rc0 wrote:I wonder if Wakana will be Shota's partner after Raito dies. It would be cool. I'd also like to see Saeko as one of the Irregulars.
Why do I have a feeling that Shoutaro and Wakana might look very strange.... I almost expect something like that would have a.. er.. interesting chest on one side.. (If you ever played WH40K a Daemonette of Slaanesh)
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Re: KRW 47 released

Post by Joe_Mello »

Wouldn't it be hilarious if Shroud's Hate Engine theory ends up being the ultimate savior?

Did Kazu make a Den-O reference when he asked if his face said he was joking?

I don't understand how Utopia equates to defying gravity. Is it because 8) hope floats?
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Re: KRW 47 released

Post by D-boy »

It's surpising, they had all this up their sleeve. This is going to be awesome! Two more episodes left. Even without cheating, I can tell you what's in that gift... but I'm not. XD

{edit} damn, got snipped anyway XD oh well. (apologies, take)

Damn, These last five episodes have cemented W as the high bar for Riders from now on. This season has had everything I look for in a great series. It even fills a lot of plot holes, not all of them, but there were a lot that we were scratching our heads on about during the first half. Even some of the workings of Xtreme came to light in the last group of episodes. OOO has a LOT to live up to after this. A CREASING LOT (heh, self-censor, more fun XD )

The only thing I would have loved to see that I truely fell should have been in this was a Memory being refined. We are told that all the Rider Memories are refined, but it would have been nice to see something like Arms, Jewel, or (especially so) Nazca be handed over to W. T3T

Thank you guys sooo much for this. For all your hard work. For opening a community for us to come together and celebrate the joy that is Kamen Rider. Thank you. Everytime we come closer to the end of a season, I realize just how much work it took to put all this together.

Looking forward to the end of W
Looking forward to the Begins of OOO
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Re: KRW 47 released

Post by ShinkenSilver »

Shotaro trying to go un-henshined against Utopia was absolutely stupid... and completely in character. He can't henshin without killing Phillip, and he can't run away without dooming everybody else. Trying to beat Utopia with his bare hands is exactly the kind of plan his halfboiled brain would come up with.

That said, I think this episode, more than any, illustrates the brilliance of the two-in-one rider concept. Riders have a long history of putting their own lives on the line when transforming (the Faiz gears, Zeronos, Dark Kiva) and have never hesitated to sacrifice themselves for the greater good. But when Shotaro is asked to sacrifice Phillip he's paralyzed with fear. Shotaro's refusal to transform under any circumstances may seem downright cowardly compared to Phillip's complete willingness to do whatever it takes, but can you honestly think of any Rider that wouldn't hesitate when asked to sacrifice their closest friend. Besides Tendou, of course.
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