Goseiger 11 released

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Goseiger 11 released

Post by petrkr »

.....Let's go, let's go, save together! Let's go, let's go save forever!.....

I still can't stand that song....

and yeah,, I really tried do MIDI from it, but I'm not done yet with it... Who'll want it?

G,,, O,,, S, E, I.... Goseiger!

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Re: Goseiger 11 released

Post by Phoenix512 »

Moune really pulls off the cheerleader outfit very well but when she did the dance as GoseiYellow, it was just goofy. Hyper Datas looks a bit cool and the voice change was needed for that form because no one would take Hyper Datas seriously with its regular voice. Looks like that Mons Drake decided to do something after his lackeys kept failing and failing.
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Re: Goseiger 11 released

Post by Battra »

Hyper Datas is definitely a nice upgrade for Datas, it's just to bad he's so goofy looking the rest of the time, but i'm glad he got to share to spotlight with Moune it was about damn time. Nice seeing Drake finally get involved in his operations, though I find it odd that he never revived Yōkubabangā after he grew, perhaps Drakes powers don't work on minions that have been enlarged.
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Re: Goseiger 11 released

Post by Catastrophe »

Datas seemed more likely to fill in the extra mecha position, such as Go-Roader/DaiGoyou, so I'm glad they switched it up with this series.
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Re: Goseiger 11 released

Post by takenoko »

Moune was pretty cute as a cheerleader. Datas Hyper (because Goseiger likes adjectives behind the noun) is amazingly good looking considering how Datas looks. Looks like things are heating up in Goseiger
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Re: Goseiger 11 released

Post by Deka_Hero »


Cheerleader Moune was just made of Win!
Nice song, hope it shows up on some CD release.

Hyper Datas is kickass, much better than i thought he would be.
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Re: Goseiger 11 released

Post by Kogashi »

Hmm, this could just be me, but it seems like the main general got a lot more involved in this fight than they usually do. Most of the time, baddie generals just tend to either create the MOTW or make them giant... Just struck me weird for him to show up in the middle of the fight, just me I guess.

In general, fun episode. Nothing like a little dance moves from earlier helping in the fight, am I right? Cheerleader beat 'em up, always fun XP
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Re: Goseiger 11 released

Post by Fobo911 »

The MOTW said "Ossu!" I thought for a moment that Ken died from Gekiranger and reincarnated as this electricity dude, lol.

Another cute episode with Moune. She did look mighty pretty in her cheerleading outfit.

I was expecting more interaction with Miku-chan other than a flashback and seeing her through the window. If Moune was in the surgery room (thought I know the surgeons would never allow her in) and actually saw the lights go out and Miku's critical state, there would be much more motivation out of her to defeat the MOTW. When I saw GoseiYellow dancing, I went "WTH?"

Mr. Drake-sama finally gets off his ass to take action (well... kind of). I was expecting him to come down to Earth, but that didn't happen this episode.

Alata dancing along while cheering for Moune: interesting. Just more of Skick air-headedness. It was nice to see the other members actually supporting a decision of their comrade and appreciating her efforts.

Datas Hyper looked pretty good, and the lower voice definitely makes the occasion much better. That voice had the same tone as that of DaiGoyou, so it had plenty of enthusiasm. Looks like we'll see more interactions with Datas and more fighting with Datas Hyper in future episodes.

Now time for me to stare at the cheerleading scene again...
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Re: Goseiger 11 released

Post by m4rc0 »

I don't know, I think they are using the main villains to soon. I mean, I know its strange to keep sending kaijin after kaijin without doing much, but if they use them now they'll create a problem, since the heroes have to win and defeat the enemies. Buredoran and Dereputa have already "lost". We can't really keep thinking they are strong if they come to be defeated/retreat very often. The only way that works is if they bring new main villains everytime like that Sentai with Victory Generals, Priests and other villains.

Also the kaijin didn't steal Datas' power. Big mistake. I was hoping that Gosei Great would dance to power him or something... It just showed a hole in the writing. The episode was very weak. Its purpose was only to be the dance episode and to show a new mecha...

But Alata wanting to dance was priceless. They should have introduced the remixed ED after this episode. That would be a better timing IMO.
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Re: Goseiger 11 released

Post by Tayles »

So... are we to assume Datas the over-sized robot arcade game is NOT run by electricity? Huh. Still, Datas Hyper was fun to see, and it edges him more towards 'adorable and awesome' than 'really damn irritating' in my books.

Cheerleader!Moune made my week. I would like to petition to have her wearing a cheerleader outfit permanently (nomnom). And maybe petition to stop Alata ever trying to copy her again. It may be cute, but it's also cringe-worthy.

Mons Drake, much as I like him, was wasted in this ep. Nice to see a boss villain stepping in when he sees his minions failing week after week, but his contribution was pretty pathetic considering he's the big boss man. Ah well. Maybe he'll do something interesting later.
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Re: Goseiger 11 released

Post by TrueZero »

Good to see that Mons Drake is stepping in early on unlike Dokoku last year, although he did have a reason not to.

Datas, I'm loving the hyper mode, but be more careful when changing, as you got up in hyper mode you pushed two buildings apart.

(On a plus side with him though, TV Asahi's image on him on their website looks awesome. Take a look.)

All in all, I'm really enjoying this series so far. Nice, bright, fun. Definately a change from last years, but I really hope they slow down with new gear. If you count each brothers set as 3 mecha (Or four for the Exotic Brothers), then we have:

The 5 main machines,
The three Seaick Brothers,
The three Landick Brothers,
The three Skyick Brothers,
The four Exotic Brothers,
And Datas Hyper.
That totals 19 Mecha Parts already if you count the brother parts as separate from each other, otherwise we're only looking at 9.
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Re: Goseiger 11 released

Post by SentaiFan »

I thought the episode was a little weak in story. But Alata wanting to join the others in the cheerleading dance was priceless, indeed. [snip] but it is far too early for Mons Drake to appear. He should appear in the twenties, not episode 11!

PS: I don't like the remix of the ending song. I much prefer the original. The opening song rocks big time.

PPS: Hyde is so cute.
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Re: Goseiger 11 released

Post by Sanare »

I actually liked this episode. I thought it had a good balance of focus for Datas and Moune. I'm actually surprised Master Head didn't pop up at some point to tell Datas in his crackilyness he could actually fight. The first ten minutes kind of got to me, I kept going 'Oh shit' whenever the MOTW was absorbing more electricity because I felt genuinely concerned for the little girl.

I mean, even though we have electricity absorbing monsters pretty regularly in Sentai, and when they do, they show situations with hospitals losing power as well, I think this is the first time I've seen one where the rangers actually knew someone who was on the table while it was happening. Even though I knew Moune would use the power of dance to win the day, it still thought it was cool the way Datas had to kick Moune's ass a little to get her going to do it.
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Re: Goseiger 11 released

Post by Masked Rider »

Just seeing Moune in a cheerleader outfit was enough to catch my entire attention throughout the whole episode.

Not that I disliked the episode or anything, it's just a major bonus!
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Re: Goseiger 11 released

Post by petrkr »

did someone checked that GPS coordinates from Datas?

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