Agito 12 released

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Agito 12 released

Post by takenoko »

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Oh yeah, Gills

I like the fakeout where they make you think Agito is like Kuuga

Ikusabe 戦部 Warrior (at least according to the girl in this episode). I don't know if it's just an archaic word or if they took a surname and gave it a fake meaning.

Comes from the kanji for "fighting, war" and "parts" when it's a "bu" sound.
But when the second kanji has a "be" sound, maybe it stands for a professional or something. I was only able to find to instances of that in my dictionary:
語り部 【かたりべ】 (n) (professional) storyteller, hereditary role of narrator in early imperial court
斎部 【いんべ】 (n) ancient Shinto priestly family
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Re: Agito 12 released

Post by Phoenix512 »

Another great Houjou moment as he gets decked by Hikawa. I can understand why the guy did the deception on his sister but it's just wrong after awhile. He has to stop it at some point or it will end very badly.
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Re: Agito 12 released

Post by Catastrophe »

The difference in Gills and Agitos fighting style. I imagine having that long ass heel claw driven into ones shoulder would be quite painful.
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Re: Agito 12 released

Post by ChelseaChampion »

Wish there would be more Kamen Rider Agito from you guys, really want to find out what happens next :P
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Re: Agito 12 released

Post by Akari »

ChelseaChampion wrote:Wish there would be more Kamen Rider Agito from you guys, really want to find out what happens next :P
There will be NO more Agito. EVER!!!! :mrgreen:

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Re: Agito 12 released

Post by Kogashi »

Hikawa, Rider PUNCH!

Man, every time I watch that scene it makes me just feel... good.
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Re: Agito 12 released

Post by Dengar »

Looks like even Hikawa isn't beyond punching Hobo in the face when he's being the douchiest of douches.
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Re: Agito 12 released

Post by Ivanhobe »

I did a little research on Hikawa´s actor and DAAMMMN.....he is certainly a prolific actor, though that should not come as a surprise given how perfect he is.

I wasn´t expecting the whole "ancient civilitation" to be a fake out, but it adds a lot to the mistery of agito, apparently the girl knew him from before, so it´s a shame she never get to see him, probably because the focus was on Gills. Still, it was a nice fight, the ankl-claw kick looks as painfull as ever, but i have to wonder how a girl that spends so much time diving drowns for no apparent reason. Twice.

But once again Hikawa steals the show, his deduction was quite clever, and him punching hojou is the highlight of the century, though i admit that seeing him angry doesn´t really fit him, but then again Hojou was the one trying to capture agito while and innocent pregnant woman was in danger, and we can always assume that Hikawa was briefly possesed byt the fans hate for hojou.

I really want to see how that gets resolved.

Thanks for the release!!!
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