KR Agito 26 released

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KR Agito 26 released

Post by takenoko »

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Tomatoes are pretty gross. I like it in ketchup though.

Yukina playing with the mirror reminds me of all the lighting effects that they really seemed to like to use in Rider series. Like Blade and Ryuki.

Looks like we learn Shouichi and Tetsuya's real names. And Sawaki Tetsuya appears to like weird Indian stuff.

Man, the color filters in this episode. It's blue! It's green!

Oh hey, suicide in a children's show.
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Re: KR Agito 26 released

Post by Phoenix512 »

The color filters in this episode made it so spooky to me. Also it signals the debut of Deep Breath, one of the greatest insert songs in KR ever (some people may say otherwise but trust me on this). I suggest listening to the full version since the episode did a cut and paste on sections of the song.
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Re: KR Agito 26 released

Post by Catastrophe »

I agree. Deep Breath is probably my favorite insert song as well.

I do like however it takes for him to regain his memory before he can access Trinity Form. Kind of like 'Hey, what happens if I use BOTH my weapons at once?'

The original DoGaBa form.
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Re: KR Agito 26 released

Post by zeta_gundam »

The colour filters this episode gave me a headache. The jerking camera movements as well...

So the man with the tattoo on his hand is the real Shouichi... What on earth is up with him speeding up the powers of the people?
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